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Typing Master 11 is known to be complete and free of cost tutor for typing on computer keyboards. It caters to the unique needs of every user with more than 10 hours of customized and effective exercises. These exercises step by step guide users towards professional level keyboarding so they can save their valuable time.  Typing Master 11 is just like a comprehensive typing course with a broad range of lessons that help the users to learn typing easily and efficiently. You may link to download Simple Sticky Notes.

Typing Master 11 – Review

having a professional level typing speed and skill allows the computer workers to increase their productivity in less time either they are studying or working. It is a highly recommended typing tutorial program that teaches its users everything from using their 10 fingers appropriately to typing accurately with maximum speed. You can download Typing Master 11 directly from the official link.

Typing Master 11 – Features


Typing Master 11 is not just a general typing tutorial but is a complete touch program with the capability of analyzing users’ current skills in real-time so it can create exercises that are tailored according to users’ skills.

Tailored and updated exercises

The training program of Typing Master 11 is adjusted to the progress of users at every step. It is designed to pinpoint the weak points of users and then eliminate them with exercises according to the pinned points. These ways, users get over the weak points in a short time period and their typing skills get perfect very easily.

Typing meter

Typing meter is a new Windows-based widget that analyzed and evaluates the typing habits of users in the background while they are working on the front. It is Typing meter through which, the basic stats of users’ typing is recorded and analyzed to detect the words and keys that are problematic for the users so exercises can be offered accordingly.

The interface

The user interface of Typing Master 11 is made up of an on-screen keyboard so users can get habitual of looking at their screens while typing instead of looking at their keyboards which is not the right way to type. The interface is designed with the onscreen keyboard keeping in mind that building the said habit is the first and most important step of mastering the art of typing.

Visual Training

The on-screen keyboard on the interface of Typing Master 11 is color-coded which helps the users to learn the placement of keys easily and speedily. Step by step approach Every lesson of the Typing Master 11 introduces some new keys along with the relevant drills so users can master the introduced keys of the lesson.

Customized Review

Typing Master 11 does not proceed with its tutorials blindly without considering the learning outcome of users. Instead, it keeps reviewing users’ progress and detects tare problematic areas so the program can provide additional al customized practices for users to overcome the challenges they face.

Free tests to check typing skills

Users can measure their typing accuracy and speed at any stage by attempting advanced tests that Typing Master 11 provides to check users’ typing skills. Users can also take out the printed diploma after passing these tests.

Typing Games

Besides attempting free tests, revision exercises, and exams to check their typing skill, users can also adopt an alternative more entertaining method to practice and check their skills. They can do this by playing free games like WordTris, Bubbles, and Clouds with which they will not only practice and test their typing skills but that also by having a good time.


Another interesting utility offered by Typing Master 11 is that of “Satellite” which is an effective tool to analyze texts that users input. It calculates the statistics of users’ speed and provides practices to users so they can improve their timing of strokes per minute. It also provides an advanced course so users can practice the typing of symbols and numeric on the keyboard beside the letters.

Train difficult keys and words

With this feature, users can practice keys and words that are challenging for them. They can practice these exercises besides attempting the exercises otherwise offered by Typing Master. It’s like an extra class for users.

Typing Master 11 – Technical Details

Title: Typing Master 11
Added OnDecember 28, 2021 7:06 am
Updated OnDecember 28, 2021 12:31 pm
License Type: Freeware
Operating System: Windows 11, 10, 7, 8, XP and 8.1
Developers:Typing Master
File Name: typingmaster10demo.exe
File Size: 6.23 MB

Typing Master 11 Free Download 32/64bit

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