Download English To Urdu Dictionary For PC

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Download English To Urdu Dictionary For PC is one of the useful software for the Asian. It has the most search in Pakistan after that major search comes from Indian. Urdu is a very famous language which is almost spoken by one third world population. Urdu is the national language of Pakistan. This software is developed for Urdu and English speakers. They can translate their words into their own language. English speaker can learn English easily and translate it by using this amazing software. Also, Urdu speakers can learn English and translate difficult words into Urdu for their understanding. It will improve your English vocabulary and the best software. English is also a very famous language which is 3rd most spoken language on earth.
English is the universal language which is used for international communication. More than 60 countries have an official language is English. This software application is very simple. So anyone can learn the usage of the dictionary more quickly. It has a nice user interface which will easy to understand. It is the lightweight application which runs faster on your system. The dictionary has more than 36,000 words which really helps to improve the vocabulary. You can also listen to the pronunciation of the words in 9 different voices. It will allow you to adjust the speed of the audio which will help you to listen to the voice more comfortably.

English To Urdu Dictionary Features

  • It has a simple user interface.
  • It is really easy to use and learn.
  • Urdu is the national language of Pakistan.
  • English is world 3rd most spoken language.
  • Eglish is the official language of more thanĀ 60 countries.
  • Almost 36,000 words are available.
  • You can improve your URDU and English.
  • It has a 9 different voice for words pronunciation.
  • You can set the speed of the voice.
  • A lot of words.
  • Reading and improving vocabulary.
Title: Download English To Urdu Dictionary For PC
Added OnSeptember 26, 2015
Updated OnSeptember 10, 2019 10:38 pm
Version: Latest
Category: Education
License Type: Freeware
Operating System: Windows 10, 7, 8, Vista, 8.1, and XP
Developers:Clean Touch Inc
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