IceCream PDF Converter 2020

IceCream PDF Converter 2020 is free software that enables its users to convert files to and from PDF format. The latest edition i-e 2020 is completely free to download and has a plethora of advantages as compared to other free PDF converters. You can also download IceCream PDF Converter directly from the official website.

IceCream PDF Converter 2020 Review

IceCream PDF converter 2020 is excellent for those who want to manage their PDF files in the best possible way. IceCream, even being free software has everything that normally a pricey software offers. With its extensive compatibility and useful tools, IceCream PDF converter 2020 can be easily considered a market leader.

IceCream PDF Converter 2020 Features

Merge all the files

While users are converting DOC files, EPUB, or JPG to PDF files then they can simultaneously merge all these files of different formats in one PDF document and can also use various settings of the output file. It doesn’t only save time and effort but save a lot of space as well.

Unlimited number of conversion

With IceCream PDF converter 2020, users can easily convert PDF formats to various formats including JPG, EPS, BMP, many others, and that also without any limitation in terms of the number of pages or number of files.

Built-in PDF reader

This PDF Converter software sports a built-in PDF reader that supports password-protected files as well.

User-friendly user interface

The program has a simple, intuitive yet elegant interface that enables all types of users to navigate the program with equal ease and proficiency. Even novices can select the files that they want to process with just a click. On opening the app, the front interface shows two prominent icons or tabs reflecting the options of “From PDF” and “To PDF” This arrangement in the interface is the biggest help for users to know where to go.

Batch processing

IceCream PDF Converter supports the function of batch processing where users can convert many files simultaneously which saves effort and time.

Multiple techniques to add files

Files can be added through multiple techniques and users can opt between the mechanisms of drag and drop and Windows Explorer as per their convenience. The mechanism of drag and drop can also be used to arrange pages of output PDF files.

Page sequence

It’s a big help to the users who have to manage large PDF files. The program edits the sequence of pages in a file while it is merging the different files in one PDF

Protected files

The program supports password-protected files. This means users can convert password-protected PDF files and can also set their own password while converting a file to PDF.

Quick preview

The built-in PDF reader can also be used to quickly review so users can select the ranges of pages that they want to convert from PDF.

Compatible with a plethora of formats

IceCream enables users to change PDF to a plethora of formats and vice versa. It is compatible with numerous formats including  XLS, DOCX, DOC, PNG, JPG, and many more. Other formats that are supported include PDF, DOC, JPG, PNG, EPUB, MOBI, BMP, XLS, TIFF, ODT, HTML, and more. Users can also upload and convert web pages, ebooks, Word processed documents, and images. The list of options can be selected at the bottom of the page.

Bulk conversion

Bulk conversion is a very beneficial feature of Ice ream PDF converter 2020. Multiple files can be added to the queue of the converter and all will be converted in just one click.

Layout settings

Users can select the layout of their choice. They can set page size, margins, and orientation. They can also rotate and select content positions while converting images such as JPG and Tiff to PDF.

IceCream PDF Converter 2020 – Technical Details

Title: IceCream PDF Converter 2020
Added OnNovember 16, 2021 5:07 am
Updated OnNovember 16, 2021 6:26 am
Version: 2.88
License Type: Freeware
Operating System: Windows
File Name: pdf_converter_setup.exe
File Size: 126.08 MB

IceCream PDF Converter 2020 Free Download 32/64bit

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