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Zoom Meetings and Chats is an enterprise-level application designed to run video conferences and real-time communications. It is built to cater not only to the needs of big and small modern time corporate teams but also for other groups of friends and family so they can have a face to face communication among them. Where corporate teams use it as a virtual tool to hold meetings, training sessions, and other types of conferencing even when they are out of the workplace, on the domestic level.

Zoom meetings are used to hold virtual gatherings and birthday parties so everyone near and far can gather to enjoy the moments. ¬†Zoom is also highly useful for video-based webinars, educational online classes, and other types of online live training. It features straightforward utility and is compatible with all types of modern communication devices that bear internet connections. Zoom’s various rich features are useful for both pleasure and business. You may also download it from Zoom official website.

Zoom Meetings – Review

All in all, Zoom’s utilities and capabilities surpass any other freeware that is available for communication in the virtual market. Zoom Meetings is an app that unites students in one class, family, and friends in a friendly gathering and official teams in a collaborative group effectively.

Zoom Meetings – Features

Zoom extension

An extension of Zoom is developed as an Icon for the Chrome toolbar. This extension works as a shortcut tool to execute basic commands including starting and scheduling meetings. When the icon is clicked on, a dropdown panel appears from where users can opt for the features starting or scheduling a meeting. On selecting the option of starting a meeting, a fresh tab opens where the users can either download Zoom or open an already installed Zoom app. However, if users just want to join a Zoom meeting and not start it themselves then they can do it from their web browsers as well without installing the app on their devices.

Big gatherings

Zoom supports not only the needs of small modern businesses but also provides a virtual platform for large organizational operations and big gatherings as well by supporting live audiovisual meetings with more than 1000 individuals and has the ability to display 49 live windows on the screen.


Zoom meeting is compatible with all modern devices with internet connections including desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tabs. It is also compatible with mailing hosts including Outlook, iCal, And Gmail.

Saving and sharing

Zoom app also has the ability to record and transcribe meetings, share integrated files, and maintain a searchable history of around 10 years so one can keep track of all the activity that is conducted on zoom.

Built-in tools

Zoom has a variety of built-in tools that help users in virtual meetings. These tools include a built-in calendar and other collaboration tools. Security with end-to-end encryption, polling, virtual hand raising, Q&A, engagement tracking, and powerful analytics are some more perks of the app.

Virtual Backgrounds

Users can spice up their meetings with a variety of backdrops provided by the Zoom app according to the occasion or can also upload interesting custom images from the internet.

Screen sharing

Screen sharing comes in handy in many ways. Through this, one can display a screen to all attendees and share PowerPoint presentations, documents, and webpage. The option of side-by-side screen sharing enables users to compare notes and collaborate with each other in many ways while desktop sharing provides support for multiple screens. Moreover, the host can mark up on the shared screen.

Whiteboard and texts

The attendants of the Zoom meeting map out their ideas through the whiteboard.

While through instant messaging, they can share notes and chat with each other in traditional style.

Breakout Zoom Rooms

This specific function allows the host to divide participants into small groups. This way they can have a separate discussion on video chat and then the team can re-join afterward.

Zoom Meetings – Technical Details

Title: Zoom Meetings
Added OnOctober 13, 2021 7:06 am
Updated OnJanuary 14, 2022 9:29 pm
Version: 2020
License Type: Freeware
Operating System: Windows 10, 8, 7, 8.1, and XP
Developers:Zoom Inc
File Name: zoominstaller.exe
File Size: 9.49 MB

Zoom Meetings Free Download 32/64bit

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