Baidu WiFi Hotspot

Baidu WiFi Hotspot for Windows is a highly convenient and lightweight networking device. Through this internet WiFi hotspot, one can easily share the internet connectivity of a PC with other mobile devices by directly creating a wireless network from a computer with this free-of-cost app. There is no limitation on the amount of data that is to be shared which makes it an unbounded internet sharing tool. Moreover, only a very meager amount of data is used from the base WiFi connection which makes it highly economical for the users. Some of its highly beneficial features are listed in this article.

Baidu WiFi Hotspot – Review

In nutshell, if one is looking for a safe Hotspot that can be controlled from a PC then the Baidu Wifi Hotspot 2021 is a perfect choice. It is simple, small-sized, and lightweight which doesn’t affect the speed or performance of the host computer at all, and can be installed very easily on even less resourceful and old computers as well.

Baidu WiFi Hotspot – Features

Increased connectivity

It is not uncommon for a mobile phone to support internet data sharing through a WiFi hotspot. But, doing this with a personal computer is neither that common nor so economical. But Baidu brought a solution to make personal computers capable of sharing internet data with mobile devices with a free windows app. All that users require is to download the app and share the WiFi data from their personal computers to their mobile devices. The app does not only share internet data, but it can also share files to and from a computer and mobile devices.

The coverage of this app enables users to share data all across their homes which makes it a smart home networking tool. It can also be organized efficiently into a specific file that can be easily modified from settings.

Basic benefit and utility

The main benefit that this app provides is that all devices can use the internet from only one connection as multiple connections drain the server’s speed. Also, with one connection, lesser data will be wasted on multiple routes.

Unlimited connections

Another major benefit of this app is that users can create unlimited numbers of connections and that also without compromising the WiFi speed.

Easy installation and lightweight

Baidu Wifi Hotspot 2021 is very lightweight and uses minimum resources of the host PC therefore, it gets installed very easily.  The file size is also minuscule, so users can download it on their computers without worrying about the occupied space if. Moreover, there is no hidden or declared additional file with the installation and once installed, the opening of the app is intuitive. All this simplicity keeps this app almost completely bug-free.


Baidu Wifi Hotspot 2021 has straightforward with a soothing background in a shade of green. It is simple and provides the basic settings on the front. doesn’t provide much


The app is small in file size and requires very less from CPU resources. It is compatible with all the Windows OS. It is also compatible with the 6 most popular languages of the world including Chinese, Portuguese, Indonesian, Spanish, Arabic, and English.

Constant guidance

Users can always refer to the auto help button whenever they require assistance in the running of this app. The help button will take them to their browser where they can refer to their specific question in the FAQ. If the required answer is not included in FAQs then users can directly connect with customer service through feedback.

Safety measures

Baidu Wifi Hotspot 2021 is laced with several safety tools, among which the first one is that the users cancel completely control the passwords of the connected devices. Users can also block any device from accessing their internet connection and can blacklist the devices too so they will never have access to the connection. The computers are also protected by security measures as connected devices cannot disturb the hard drive of the computer or any data in it.

Baidu WiFi Hotspot – Technical Details

Title: Baidu WiFi Hotspot
Added OnDecember 17, 2021 10:35 am
Updated OnDecember 17, 2021 12:26 pm
License Type: Free
Operating System: Windows 11, 10, 8.1, & 7
Developers:Baidu Inc.
File Name: wifihotspot_setup_gl.exe
File Size: 5.16 MB

Baidu WiFi Hotspot Free Download 32/64bit

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