Cookies Policy

We describe clearly in our Privacy Policy how we collect and use information when you come on our nomisoftwares. We are providing information related to Cookie Policy to tell you about how we use your Cookies more clearly.

Cookies Overview

Cookies are small pieces of data that have small information about the user and it is sent to your PC, Mobile, Table any device browser, and save to your browser. This cookie is used to remember the user is that you are not.

Disabling Cookies

Cookies can be disabled from Browsers Settings. If you disable the cookies from your browser it may impact the website functionality and features of this site. That’s why cookies disabling is not recommended.

Google Adsense/ Google Ads Manager

We use Google Adsense Advertisement agency which saves their cookies on the user system to show more relevant ads to him/her. We don’t have any access to that kind of Cookies we did not save any information of users on our server and did not use any user information related to Adsense Cookies.

Google Analytics

We use the Google analytics tool to track our audience and check our per day visitors and different stats, we don’t have any access to Google Analytics google all data is recorded and managed by the Google Analytics team. We are just using their Services.

Contact US

If you still have any queries related to our Cookies Policy please contact us. we will reply to you immediately.

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