To understand the functions and benefits of x proxy, it is crucial that users know some facts about the working of their internet connections. Each internet user gets an IP address for the computer that is being used to connect to the World Wide Web. This IP address is assigned by the internet service provider (ISP) of the user. The IP address is basically a unique number of identifications. This identification number is used to identify computers with internet connection and websites. The catch here is that this identification or IP address can also be used to spy the activity and communication that users conduct on the internet on various websites. IP addresses are also utilized to tap into the program users is connecting the users to the internet. In order to get away from the prying eyes and to maintain privacy regarding the internet activities, users need a protection tool and222 there comes x proxy to protect your privacy and security in the world of the internet.

When users run X-Proxy on their computers, they get connected to a VPN or a proxy server which functions as a middle man between users’ local network rest of the internet. This enables the users to use x proxy as a wall between their internet activity and IP address as x proxy makes information requests with its own IP address instead of the one provided by an internet service provider.

The new version of X-Proxy is optimized in many ways. The Hosts Shield of the new version displays a message of information for 10 seconds because the database of the Host shield is updated in the latest version. The database of Hijacker Home Page Scan is also updated now. All these up-gradation in features of X-Proxy has made it a more powerful tool than before which empowers the user to surf and browse the internet anonymously with a changed IP address so the users are protected from the risk of any unwanted intrusion and identity theft that can be done by hackers through proxy IP server

X-Proxy is primarily designed to provide a simple solution to users regarding the protection of their identity while they are online. X-Proxy performs a powerful and wonderful task with a very well- organized but simple user interface on which users can view the list of proxy servers, hostname, their corresponding IP, location and response time. The application then categorizes the proxies into different segments according to the security level in terms of transparent, anonymous or high anonymous. However, X-Proxy is an app jammed packed with powerful tools but it is very lightweight and doesn’t take much space in a device.

X proxy is also a proxy Scraper because it scrapes and checks proxy servers in a format of ip: port that users can extract from their own sources. There is also a healthy range of internet tools in X-Proxy which helps the users to ping the IP address or domain, find location or country of the IP address and search for an IP address that is assigned to the domain defined by the users themselves. The tool of the Internet speed test helps the users to detect the speed of the connection line. With X-proxy users can blend with their preferred browser cleverly as the application supports main search engines including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, messaging clients, gaming zones and all other types of application that are web-based and connects to the world of internet

X-proxy removes the temporary files, browser history, cookies, passwords, forms and other material that gives away the internet activity of the user and moreover all these can be removed with just a click.

All in all, it’s easy to use, long proxy list and lightweight makes it a very beneficial tool to hide the host PC in the open world of internet.

    Title: X-Proxy
    Added OnJuly 4, 2019 10:37 pm
    Updated OnOctober 2, 2019 1:37 am
    Category: Windows XP
    License Type: Free
    Operating System: Windows 10,7,8.1
    Developers:Sauces Software.
    File Name: installer_x_proxy2285.exe
    File Size: 2.24 MB

    X-Proxy Free Download 32/64bit

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