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Intel Parallel Studio XE 2016

Intel Parallel Studio XE 2016 is a software developed by Intel especially to facilitate windows and Linux in C++/C and Fortran for parallel computing. All the tasks are performed with less effort, not only this but it also boosts up the application performance too. The installation consists of the whole suite which has got the optimizing compiler, libraries and threading error checking. This is the best solution for developers who want ultimate performance. This is also a technical computing application that is highly upgraded by the addition often Data Analytics Acceleration Library, Vectorization Advisor, MPI Performance Snapshot, High-performance support for industry standards, the latest processors, operating systems and their related development environments.

The IntelData Analytics Acceleration Library is said to speed up big data analytics. It also lets users have efficient data access. This software is a user-friendly software because of the presence of MPI Performance Snapshot. This tool collects a variety of MPI application statistics such as communication, activity, and load balance and presents it in an easy to read format. It also helps to make the application scalable and a large amount of data is manageable.

The most significant update is the support for the latest processors which are Skylake microarchitecture and Knights Landing microarchitecture. It raises performance. The user interface is very supportive of users as compared to the previous versions. For these reasons, it is been widely used. With the launch of Intel Parallel Studio XE 2016 tasks have become very simple to be performed also with a lesser time required. Capabilities to have faster programs are also seen in this version of Intel Parallel Studio XE 2016.

Intel Parallel Studio XE 2016 Features

  • Make faster code also.
  • Boost the speed.
  • Improve cluster performance also.
  • Interactive user interfaces with icons that navigation the right direction of action performed also.
Title: Intel Parallel Studio XE 2016
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Version: 2016
Category: Development Tools
License Type: Trial
Operating System: Windows 10, Linux, Mac
Developers:Parallel Studio XE Inc
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Intel Parallel Studio XE 2016 Free Download

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