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MATLAB 2008 Matrix Laboratory is known as MATLAB. The main focus of MATLAB is on creating multiple independent streams and using new algorithms with enhanced random-number generation features. MATLAB is very much sharp in doing tasks like linking plots to workspace variables and brushing data in plots for analysis and manipulation also editing tabular information in graphical user interfaces with new suitable control. Furthermore, the new Development Environment features introduced in MATLAB 2008 allow MATLAB to customize the MATLAB Desktop and MATLAB Editor toolbars these inspect structures and objects with the Variable Editor and compare directories, other file types also publish functions and define configurations.

MATLAB 2008 allows the users to have a customizable desktop and editor with the presence of customizable toolbars. This customizable toolbar allows the user to change the order of toolbar elements, or remove things the users rarely use. Customizable toolbars will really help streamline the workflow of users, as they can arrange their toolbars based on how they use MATLAB. Variable Editor is a new addition that enhances the editing of Structures and Objects. MATLAB is a leading program which has Data brushing a new feature that lets the user to manually select data on a plot. This tool really fosters manual interaction and exploration of the user data.

MATLAB 2008 Features

  • New Object-Oriented Programming Features.
  • Customizable Toolbars.
  • Directory Comparisons.
  • Data Brushing and Linked Plots.
  • I can perform tasks faster than C, C++, and FORTRAN.
  • Marked improvements in data handling and analysis.
Title: MATLAB R2008b
Added OnAugust 18, 2016 2:09 pm
Updated OnOctober 6, 2019 11:40 am
Version: R2008b
License Type: Paid
Operating System: Windows 10, XP, 8, 7, and 8.1
Developers:MathWords Inc
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MATLAB R2008b Free Download

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