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Visual Studio Code 1.35.1

Visual Studio Code 1.35.1 is a very powerful but equally lightweight editor of source code that is capable of being run from users’ personal desktop. It is available with built-in support for TypeScript, JavaScript and Node.js and possesses a wide range of extensions that support other languages such as C++, C, PHP and Python, Clojure, F, Java, JSON, HTML, Lua, Perl, PHP, SQL, XML, Visual Basic and others. The editor is designed around Github’s Electron, a cross-platform version of the editing component of Atom code, based on HTML5 and JavaScript. It is a fully-featured IDE (integrated development environment) that is designed for those developers who work with open cloud technologies of Microsoft. Visual Studio Code utilizes open source .NET tooling to enable support for ASP.NET C code. It builds on the developer tools of Omnisharp .NET and Roslyn compiler.

The user interface of this source code editor is easy and simple to work with because the UI is based on the style of a common explorer with a left-sided pane which reflects all the folders and files that can be accessed by the users. The editing pane on the right side shows the content of files that are opened by the user. The environment is basically focused on exclusively providing flexibility to its users along with simplicity which leads to enhanced compatibility throughout the platforms that are offered by the source code editor beside Git repositories support or ability to open multiple iterations of files in a single window. Overall, the editor is pleasing to the eyes besides being well developed for efficient working which is possible due to useful functionality. The autocomplete and intelligent working is good for CSS, JSON, Node.js and HTML. The subject code editor is designed to work with the existing tools and supporting documentation is provided by Microsoft to help the developers. This documentation helps with Node.js, ASP.NET 5 and TypeScript and also for the tools that can manage and build Node.js apps.

Visual Studio Code aims to provide support to developers who use JavaScript and want a full-fledged development tool for their scripting on server-side and who also want to explore from the frameworks based on Node.js to the .NET. All this makes Visual Studio Code a lightweight but solid code editor on cross-platform and anyone can use it to develop apps for Web and cloud. One of the many remarkable features of Visual Studio Code is its capability related to Git control that is offered to the users by the program. This feature facilitates testing, packaging, building and even deployment of several types of software. The Git function enables the users to work with the repository through a local dedicated folder. Users can access every available feature of Git by opening the root of the repository.

Users can create various tasks within this source code editor, store them in the required project and then configure it quickly by establishing appropriate arguments. They can also use sample snippets and generate their personal code fragments as well that can be saved at a later time. The graphic user interface of Visual Studio Code is very intuitive and allows the users to open various instances at a time. It also features a flexible platform to work on. The working space can be divided into two parts which empower the users to compare codes and identify the issues by viewing the comparison.

The powerful and efficient searching engine of the source code editor allows the users to find files, components, programs and any other item that is matched with the searched name. The Visual studio code features powerful debugging functions as well that are specifically designed to empower the users for monitoring the components and variables. Users may control the feature of Call Stack as well to define breakpoints.

The most exciting feature of the Visual Studio Code is the promotion that is done in Remote Development to stable from Insider builds. Remote Development enables the coders to perform debugging on local VS Code instances when the real code itself runs elsewhere such as Windows Subsystem for Linux, SSH server or a Docker container.

The source code editor quickly compiles the programs that are loaded by the users and the support for using snippets helps the users to reduce the notable time that is spent in writing the code. All this makes it a faster process of coding and developing for users which saves lots of time and frustration that users face while waiting for the tasks to be done on other source code editors. Users may conveniently attach the chosen code or launch the loaded application to the base script. The program can be customized allowing the users to modify various settings from the layout of a working platform to search, CSS configuration or HTTP.

Additions in 1.35.1

  • Users can collapse the complete list and tree command by pressing the shortcut keys of Ctrl+Left.
  • Users can clear the history of viewable References completely.
  • When a user runs the command of “Format With”, the default format gets pre-selected.
  • When a user pauses the debugging on a line, the screen readers read the entire line.
  • For improved performance, the Multiple item paste in Explorer runs in parallel.
  • The button of Open Folder in the empty File Explorer scopes to the folder and it happens on macOS as we.


  • Source code editor.
  • Supports multiple languages of coding.
  • Lightweight.
  • Simple but pleasant interface.
  • Supportive documentation by Microsoft to help developers.
  • It enables users to develop apps for the web and cloud.
  • Git control capabilities.
  • Users can generate own code fragments and save later.
  • Capable of exporting projects such as text files.
  • Initiative graphic user interface.
  • Flexible platform to work on.
  • Working space can be divided into two segments to enable comparison in codes.
  • Powerful searching engine.
  • Powerful debugging features.
  • The program can be fully customized as per users’ requirements.
  • Faster execution of tasks due to a quick compilation of programs and support for snippets.
Title: Visual Studio Code 1.35.1
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