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Adobe Photoshop 2015 has a number of versions and also the new versions are releasing till now. The first adobe Photoshop CC version that is Photoshop CC 14 was released on Jun 17, 2013. After that, they enhance some features and remove the bugs from the older version and release Photoshop cc 14.1 on September 08, 2013. In which they added the adobe generator technology which allows the designer/developer more control over the files, real-time images generation. Means to take the container and open the image in it, and many other options. Later on, new version releases that are Photoshop cc 14.2 released on 15 Jan 2014.

The next version was Photoshop CC 2014.2 on 21 April 2015 that added so many new features like panorama merge, performance/speed improvement of the adobe Photoshop, then Photoshop CC 2015 released on 15 Jun 2015. That is the stable version and added to many new features for the designers like adobe stock, link assets, faster image exports, layers styles that are the main object in Photoshop is improved. iOS device preview gets better and more user-friendly, blurs effects are introduced in this version, healing the pimples or any other things get faster effects. Provide more control when moving the objects better view experience on windows display.

In Adobe Photoshop you can process/operate the image in almost every way you like and also with the same quality of an image. You can add or remove the effects from image easily using the tools adobe provide like lasso tool, pen tool, arrow tool, hand tool, clone tool by using these tools you can change the effect of the image. After the adobe, the image edition became the child’s play. Adobe is the company that is developing the products for its customers. They enhance and add new features so that they can release the new version of the product. They have a number of team members that help to develop. Few of the adobe products are an illustrator, InDesign, premiere pro, after effects, lightroom, and document cloud, Dreamweaver, muse, acrobat pro, animate, audition, bridge, character animator, InCopy, and many other products a long list of product that is developed by adobe.

Before the CC version, there was CS series for adobe Photoshop so now CC series with versions are releasing. The latest and full pack release of adobe was adobe CC 2015 that has Creative Cloud where you can contribute to adobe community. The designers not only use this tool for the edition of the image but they also use it for the logo design, website mockups, web pages design that changes into HTML and then code, pamphlets and many other purposes of using adobe are. The blur effect is one of the famous for the images where you can add the background blur and look like HD graphics.

In short wording, adobe Photoshop was developed for the designers to design their desired things as we mentioned above logos, web design, images edition or any other things. Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 introduces many new features but the major are blur effect and creative cloud for sharing the experience with the community.

Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 Features

  • In-App Search: In the new version you can quickly search the other files open, the menus, helping content you require about some tool and other textures.
  • Tighter Integration with Adobe XD: You can open the SVG image in Photoshop and can process it in either way.
  • Ways to Get Started Faster: Now templates are designed to start the new design project with some basic sketch already develop that will help you in the quick start.
  • Adobe Stock Templates and Search: You can start with Abode templates that are predefined and you can also search the default templates from adobe stock where people upload.
  • Enhanced Properties Panel: You can set the properties panel according to your comfort.
  • Support for SVG Open-type Fonts: Photoshop supports SVG font to install and then you can view the same image.
  • New Creative Cloud Libraries Capabilities: the cloud is introduced to upload the reading material or template files to start from and other purposes etc.
  • Creative cloud assets improvements.
  • Introduction Type-kit marketplace.
  • Better overall performance means that it improves speed.
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