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Windows ME where we stand for Millennium Edition was released by Microsoft in September 2000 followed by Windows 98. The operating system is mainly designed for domestic computers. Windows ME includes various new features in its core software and GUI.

Windows Me/ Millennium – Review

Windows millennium is a very suitable and recommended operating system for home computers and domestic users. Moreover, Windows Shell components such as Desktop and  Explorer are also updated with advanced features. Also, more software utilities such as System Restore, Windows Movie Maker, and Automatic Software Update are also integrated Windows ME. The main additions and updates are described in the article.

Windows Me/ Millennium – Features

System Restore Tool

This feature enables the users to restore the system files, registry, and drivers to their previous form. It also helps Windows ME in recovering from system failure. The tool also performs the task of undo for recent problematic processes.

Shell enhancements

Windows millennium has incorporated shell enhancements in certain areas including customizable Windows explorer, personalized menus, auto-complete in the Run box and address bar of Explorer, icon overlays, IColumnProvider interface, integrated search pane in Explorer and some more.  A

Windows Movie Maker

This feature is based on the technologies of DirectShow and Windows Media and provides basic capabilities of capturing and editing videos to the MS Windows computer system. With this feature, users can not only capture and edit the videos but they can also re-encode the media contents into a highly compressed format suitable for  Windows Media as this format requires only a minimum storage space as compared to other formats.

Windows Media Player 7

Windows ME contains a new version of a multimedia player which has introduced the functionality of a jukebox with a Media Library. The new multimedia player also provides support for CD burning, the ability to directly transfer the music files to portable devices, and the media encoder with the integration of music.  Another introduction is that of radio tuner which searches and connects the users to a variety of radio stations through the internet. Moreover, the whole look is customizable i-e users can change the looks by using interactive skins.

Windows DVD Player

Windows millennium comes with a revamped DVD player which doesn’t require a dedicated decoder card to playback a DVD. Instead, the revamped design supports software decoding via a third-party decoder.


Windows Me has 7.1 versions of DirectX API which comes with DirectPlay Voice and offers various new games including Internet Backgammon, Internet Hearts, Internet Checkers, Internet Reversi, and Internet Spades. Moreover, it includes Spider Solitaire as well from Plus! 98 and also Pinball from Plus! Windows 95.

The Mouse Control Panel

This feature incorporates the features of IntelliPoint, mainly ClickLock which enables the users to select and drag the item without holding down a mouse button continuously. It hides the pointer when the user is typing and shows it when ctrl is pressed.

On-Screen Keyboard

On-Screen Keyboard in Windows ME enables users to input the characters by mouse instead of a keyboard by clicking the characters on the keyboard displayed on their computer screen.

Automatic Windows Update

Windows Millennium Edition included a new feature named Windows Update utility that automatically downloads and installs updates from the Windows Update Web site.

Windows Image Acquisition

WIA abbreviated for Windows Image Acquisition is a powerful feature in Windows ME that allows the Windows app to communicate with the attached devices such as scanner digital cameras, webcam, etc.

System File Protection

System file protection in Windows millennium refers to the feature that automatically and silently restores the original copy of the system files if they are deleted, modified, or corrupted and can be accessed otherwise.

Generic Drivers for USB devices

This is one of the best features of Microsoft Windows ME. Windows millennium is the first operating system in the line of  Windows 9x series that provides generic drivers to USB mass storage devices. This feature diminishes the requirement for third-party drivers that are otherwise an important requirement for USB devices.

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Windows Me/ Millennium ISO – Technical Details

Title: Windows Me ISO
Added OnJanuary 4, 2022 6:06 am
Updated OnSeptember 27, 2023 10:21 pm
Version: 1.0.0
License Type: Free Trial
Operating System: Windows Me
Developers:Microsoft Inc
File Name: Windows_Me.iso
File Size: 498.76 MB

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