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Windows 10 Lite Edition Free Download

Windows 10 Lite Edition is one of the most popular releases of Microsoft. It’s the original setup file’s helper tool that is specially designed for gamers, power users or administrators and those who need a fast system. It will make your system run faster with better privacy optimization and better security. You have an option to remove system applications like Microsoft Edge and other system Apps in order to optimize the performance of the computer. It is the unique and most powerful operating system even for older computers and It works faster and recommended for heavy games which easily run faster in Windows 10 Lite Edition multilanguage. You can also disable unnecessary file types and file associations, unnecessary scheduled tasks and also Windows Defender if you feel it overload the system.

All these are according to your choice.  After removing, disabling unnecessary or useless features, the Lite Edition runs much faster than before, even on older computers with lower configurations. It provides a lightweight environment for users. This might provide better improvements in the performance of the system. So, when you run your operating system it will run faster. This version of Windows uses the command prompt to make such kind of changes, effectively. You can say Windows 10 S is the example of the Windows 10 Lite Edition. Windows 10 S is a more lightweight, pared-down version of Windows 10.

If you remove MS Cortana in your Lite Edition search bar from the taskbar should disappear. Because it can’t work without MS Cortana. But you can use a search in File Explorer as normal. When you uninstall Microsoft Edge from your operating system then you can use IE11 on your system and browse anything you want on IE11. It has an Integrated Black Viper’s service configuration. How to make Windows 10 lite Download and Windows 10 lite vs Windows 10 are the most commonly asked questions so the lite version has the limited features and unnecessary programs are removed from the lite version. So the lite version became faster and better performing operating systems. The other edition has many more features that are required only for professional users and business call users. So you make the lite version win10 run faster with better performance also mentioned in Microsoft community. Also, the Microsoft Windows 10 lite tips and tricks are simple and easy to use as compared to other versions.


  • It will help you to remove System applications.
  • for gamers, power users or administrators.
  • Lite Edition allows you to disable unnecessary scheduled tasks due to privacy reasons and for perfect undisturbed work overflow.
  • It is specially created for gamers due to its lightweight feature.
  • If you remove the MS Cortana search bar should disappear. Because it can’t work without MS Cortana.
  • It is specially designed for gamers, and able to run heavy games. It is a very powerful and lightweight operating system.
  • You can disable Windows Defender if you really don’t need it.
  • In this Edition, you can remove file types or file associations due to security risks.
  • You should have the opportunity to remove One Drive before it gets installed.
  • In this Edition, you can uninstall system application if you are not going to use it as Microsoft Edge.
  • It is more secure, more integrated privacy optimization as compared to other versions.
  • Black Viper’s service configuration Integrated.
Title: Windows 10 Lite Edition Free Download
Added OnOctober 30, 2017 2:07 am
Updated OnMarch 21, 2020 3:44 am
Version: 10 Lite Edition
License Type: Trial
Operating System: Windows 10.
Developers:Microsoft Inc.
File Name: Windows_10_Lite_Edition_x64_2017.iso
File Size: 2.46 GB

Windows 10 Lite Edition Free Download 32/64bit

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