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Windows 10 Home Edition ISO Bootable image direct single click fast download. It is the most latest and secure operating system as compared to Windows 8.1, 8 & previous releases. If we talk about security, you have to connect your outlook account with Windows 10 login, so no one else can log in to your account. Windows 10 Home Edition with its numerous attractive features is there to win the hearts and systems of many users and is worth to be updated on computers.

With maximum security, usability and speed it’s the best choice for users particularly those who don’t prefer the more intricacy of Windows 10 Pro. Windows 10 Home Edition is best for advanced users, simple to operate for basic users, and provides its users with mobility by working across all types of devices, security with measures such as Microsoft Passport, and entertainment with support for Xbox apps. It’s easy d fast startup calls the users to update the version and quickly takes a start-up with it on their devices.

Windows 10 Home Edition – Review

Windows 10 Home Edition is available with amazing features to facilitate Windows home users. A redesigned start menu, Google assistant Cortana, Battery Saver, bio-metric security Windows Hello, and TPM support are only some of the beneficial features of Windows 10 Home Edition which need to be discussed to get a better understanding of this Windows 10 variant. Microsoft Windows 10 Home Edition is the next one in line after Windows 8.1 in the series of Microsoft operating systems.

Windows 10 Home Edition – Features

You may also read the Detailed Windows 10 Home Edition features from the official Microsoft link.

Battery Saver

The long-time users of Windows are familiar with this feature and are well aware that how this feature makes the host system more efficient in consuming power. Battery Saver actually limits the unnecessary background activities that take up extra battery power to run. This way the power is saved for the activities that the user uses consciously while operating on the device.

TPM support

TPM is another plus point of Windows 10 Home Edition. It is basically a chip the ensures extra functions that are associated with security. A number of manufacturers install TPM on their motherboards so it can provide support security function on the host device. Windows 10 Home Edition efficiently provides support for this chip if it is installed on the motherboard of the device.

Microsoft edge

Microsoft Edge is the latest addition as a Windows browser which is equally great and simple to use the internet facility. It lets the users type directly on web pages, lets them share the markup, and makes online reading very soothing and distraction-free for the online reader. The address bar provides personalized recommendations so users can access their online destination with convenience and speed.

Advance gaming

Users of Windows 10 Home Edition now have a variety of Great Xbox titles, their own Xbox community, records of achievement, best of Xbox Live, and a wide range of game collections due to the Xbox app that is supported by this version of Windows. User can now use their Xbox controller along with the stream Xbox One games on their desktops, laptops, and mobile devices once they have updated their operating system to Windows 10 Home Edition.


Users can take the movies, images, and music of their choice anywhere through their mobile devices by using the feature of OneDrive across all their devices. Moreover, now free storage of 15 GB is an attraction for the users of Windows 10 Home Edition.

Cortana improved Google assistant

Cortana (2) is the digital assistant to the users of Windows 10 Home Edition who has the knack to learn about its owner over time. Cortana works efficiently across all the devices, either it is a desktop system, mobile phone, or tablet, it assists the user in doing their work without forgetting tasks that they might feel to the busy life of today.

Customizable desktop

Windows 10 Home Edition comes with more catchy customization of the taskbar, apps, desktop, and icons. Users can now customize their desktop more easily as per their preference by changing everything in every possible way.

Windows Defender and Windows Firewall

The Firewall and Defender are incorporated in Windows 10 Home Edition to make the host computer more powerful in terms of protecting the users’ data from stumbling on malicious software. These built-in features of security in Windows 10 Home Edition secure the entire system with utmost efficiency.

Fast and easy start-up

Windows 10 Home Edition has an easier and quicker start-up which provides a quick gi ahead without consuming much time. The operating system can boot and reboot, sleep and hibernate and do all sorts of start-up tasks within a matter of seconds.

Device encryption

Windows 10 Home Edition is also laced with Device Encryption which allows the users to encrypt data with complete security so the data can be kept out of reach from unwanted intruders and nosy people. Device encryption only lets those people access the device who are authorized to do so.

Parental control

Users can utilize the built-in Parental Control to not only organize age-appropriate browsing content for their children but can easily manage their screen time as well so children using the computer can engage in healthy computer activities in a healthy way and by staying away from adult content of the internet, risky social networking and many things that should be off-limits to them. All a user has to do is to set the contents that are not age-appropriate for children in the section of parental control.

Additional perks for Home users

Users of Windows Home now can use the whole new option of Virtual Desktops along with the feature of Snap assist which supports around 4 apps on a single screen at a time. Continuum which is a flagship feature in Windows 10 enables the users to switch from desktop to tablet mode at lightning speed. While Microsoft Edge is the latest entry as a browser in the world of Microsoft Windows. Supports for Windows Update and Microsoft Passport as an extra security measure are all perks of this basic variant.

Windows 10 Home Edition – System Requirements

Processor: 1 GHz or faster compatible processor.

RAM: 1 GB RAM for 32-bit; 2 GB for 64-bit.

Hard Disk: Up to 20 GB.

Windows 10 Home Edition – Technical Requirements

Title: Windows 10 Home Edition
Added OnMay 18, 2021 12:06 pm
Updated OnJuly 20, 2021 5:21 pm
Version: Home
License Type: Trail
Operating System: Windows 10
Developers:Microsoft Inc.
File Name: windows10-home.X86.ISO, windows10-home.X64.ISO
File Size: 2.72 GB, 2.41 GB, 2.41 GB

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