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Windows 10 All in One ISO

Windows 10 All in One is the package of the operating system that is bundled in one pack. Microsoft is releasing the different versions for different users. The windows 10 ALL in One pack is released on July 29, 2015. As the windows 10 is one of the best product they ever developed as an operating system. They add a number of features and enhance many things like the graphical user interface, quick access to items from placing all of them in one position. This operating system has fixed all the bugs that were present in the previous version. It enhances the security features and implement the comprehensive security features that include Malware’s worst enemy, Stop attacks in their tracks, Protection online, Spyware detection and removal, boot-time protection, real-time protection, cloud-based protection, network inspiration, free automatic updates. It also introduces the face detector or finger scanner as a password to open the operating system.

This operating system is released in multiple versions because different people have a need for a different purpose. That the reason Microsoft releases different versions of an operating system like the person just needs the operating system for playing games, watching videos, or some basic work only. Some need the operating system with multiple programs and they use it. The Microsoft windows 10 different editions are Windows 10 Home, Pro, Enterprise, Education, Mobile, and Mobile Enterprise editions all are the editions.

The home edition is for the personal usage of the operating system and they do not have all the features that are required to professionals. The Windows 10 Education edition has multiple programs already installed like the Microsoft Office and more necessary programs are already installed. Enterprise edition is for the organizations, and level of work. Windows 10 was released just after the windows 8.1 that was having a number of bugs and not a good user-friendly interface so that the like there was no start button, no Microsoft edge edition installed on it. The Xbox is installed in the latest version of an operating system so the gamers can get benefit from this.

Microsoft supports Windows 10 so they provide an updated version that you can install from windows 8, 8.1 directly to windows 10. You can download the file by clicking the download button. One installation way is from CD and the other method is USB both the methods are quite simple and you can just follow the instruction and got the new latest version of Microsoft Windows 10. In this IOS file, there is 6 edition of the operating system and you can install either of it. That you require and need to install.

Windows 10 All in One Feature

  • Windows 10 all editions are packed within one ISO file.
  • install that edition that you like and willingly use.
  • Many features are enhanced and new features are introduced like Cortona, hello, Microsoft edge, etc.
  • New graphical user interfaces with the more friendly and interactive design of icons.
  • Quick access to more features.
  • Many features are introduced in the enterprise version.
Title: Windows 10 All in One ISO
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Version: 10 All in One ISO
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Operating System: Windows 10 All in One ISO
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File Size: 4.50 GB

Windows 10 All in One ISO Free Download 32/64bit

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