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Visual Studio 2012 is an IDE (Internet development environment) developed by Microsoft and is known as a very powerful web development tool for all types of developers. Visual Studio 2012 version comes with many editions such as Visual Studio Express 2012, Visual Studio Premium 2012, and Visual Studio Ultimate 2012. The article shed light on the new and most important feature that is incorporated in the release of the Visual Studio 2012 version.

Visual Studio 2012 Review

Visual Studio 2012 comes with many new features that make it stand out among its predecessors. It’s a complete development tool for web developers of all types that is pro and beginners as the available tutorials are the perfect guide for beginners to start developing web applications.

Visual Studio 2012 Features

Revamped user interface

The user interface of Visual Studio is the first thing that comes into notice of a user. The visual studio introduces the colors in a new way in this version and users will be able to differentiate easily between the various icons on the toolbar.

Builds Metro style Apps

This is undoubtedly the most important feature that is a new addition in Virtual Studio 2012. Now it allows the users to build Metro apps by using JavaScript, VB, HTML, XAML, C#, or C++. It also includes a brand new batch of templates for Metro-style apps. Moreover, it provides support to build Windows Phone apps as well.

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5

As all the new releases come with a new release of the .NET Framework as well, in this way, It is accompanied by the new .NET Framework 4.5. The significant changes in this version entail enhanced support for IPv6 and parallelism, along with the support for HTML 5, zip compression, WPF Ribbon bar, and WebSockets as well. The updated ASP.NET Web Forms support asynchronous modules, handles, and lots more.


User has to buy Lightswitch separately to use in earlier versions. However, In this release i-e Professional and above come with their own LightSwitch. Moreover, the LightSwitch has a brand new theme along with support for the element of branding and has now overall enhanced performance.

IIS Express

The older versions used their own ASP.NET Development Server as a default webserver to locally test and run the web apps. However, with this mechanism, users often ran into various incompatibilities and differences while deploying their apps on IIS. Visual Studio 2012 brought a solution with its release in form of IIS Express as a local default web server. IIS Express is a self-contained and lightweight version of the original IIS. Express IIS entails all the fundamental capabilities that are expected in a full-fledged IIS.

Support for WinRT

Along with the support that Visual Studio 2012 provides for Metro and Windows 8, it also supports the new subsystem of WinRT (Windows RunTime). WinRT is a new model of programming that is used by Metro. The support provided to WinRT development is done in, C#, C++, JavaScript, and VB. Programs that are written through WinRT run on both RAM and Intel processors.

Solution Explorer

The new solution explorer is a remarkable addition. It is a cross between the class view and the Object Browser of previous versions. With this feature, users can easily navigate the objects of their projects and drill them down into properties and methods. It also enables users to search and preview the files, external items, and objects.

New SQL Server Object Explorer

Visual Studio 2012 comes with an improvement in SQL Server. In this version, it is integrated with the new SQL Server Object Explorer, which resembles more to the SQL Server Management Studio as compared to the old Server Explorer. Improved SQL Server Object Explorer displays column data types along with the foreign and primary keys as well.

Visual Studio 2012 System Requirement

You may read the Visual Studio 2012 System Requirement from the official website link.

Processor: 1.6 gigahertz (GHz) or faster.
RAM: 1 GB of RAM
Hard Disk: 1 GB
GPU: DirectX 9-capable video card that is running at 1024 × 768 or higher resolution.

Visual Studio 2012 Technical Requirements

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Visual Studio 2012 Free Download 32/64bit

Visual Studio 2012 Free Download

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