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Visual Studio Enterprise 2017 is currently released in mid-November and the developer community. Microsoft enhances many features in its latest version. Microsoft is developing its products for the Students, Developers and for Organizations. Most of the Microsoft Compilers used by the developers to develop the .NET applications. Microsoft providing their products free to students as you can see in Pakistan they distributed free activation keys for students so students can enjoy free products of Microsoft and it’s obvious this product is not free for the organizations they must pay the license fee to Microsoft. Companies like to get the license from Microsoft and they started working on their products because Microsoft is reliable and with good features provided like security, maintenance, their assets, etc.

Visual Studio Professional and Enterprise versions are also available in the market. This is the tool for development for those organizations who’s been working on .net, or core C# programming or C++, C Ruby, JavaScript, typescript, visual basic, SQL server data tool, also many other languages it support/facilitate to develop in it. It is the new release and the team enhances so many features for the developer to minimize the installation process and also make it lighter than the older version. Provide debugging tools techniques for diagnosing the error or bugs. It¬†is also used for the developers to follow the techniques like agile development that has its child process like scrum that is currently most using in the organizations to follow for their fast and accurate development.

It has updated some new features which we listed below. Windows application development is a universal windows platform development. Windows .net desktop development the major portion of IDE. Windows desktop development with C++. Web and cloud development where a cloud is used that is Azure development. Node.js development, Python development, and data science and analytical applications can be developed in the new IDE  that is with new features. Mobile and gaming development like mobile development with .net, mobile application development with JavaScript, mobile application development with C++, gaming development with C++ and the famous and most using framework unity that is also developing the application in it.

Visual Studio Enterprise 2017 Features

  • It is Enterprise 2017 minimize the time of installation and it is lighter in weight.
  • The Enterprise 2017 provides the debugging and diagnostics tools to trace. The bug or error by debugging the application line by line.
  • It’s new release fixes more than 250 bugs. Reported issues have been fixed that occur in old IDE’s.
  • Visual Studio Enterprise 2017 enhances the refactoring of the code that is the beautify of coding style.
  • It provides the unit testing on runtime with no delay. Tells the developer where the errors occur and provide detailed information/data about the occurring error.
  • It has the Azure SDK so the developer can stay connected with a cloud account. And can save the data to the cloud.
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Visual Studio Enterprise 2017 Free Download 32/64bit

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