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Music feeds souls and people all over the world look for new ways of enjoying good music. Spotify is a modern way to enjoy music. And the choice is unlimited with numerous genres, albums, and artists in the program. Users can listen to their preferred type of music at any time, any track and at any place they like. They just have to search the desired track and play it on Spotify. Spotify can be deemed as a vast music collection or a library of music. Only the library is too full with more than 13 million tracks. Users can make as many playlists as they want by just dragging and dropping the required tracks from collection to their playlists. The most beneficial thing is that the listeners do not have to wait for the downloading as they are live streams and it is also good for the hard disks as the downloads will not pile up on the hard disk of the device.

Spotify has also made it easier and instant to share music with friends, not only tracks but complete playlists as well. The sharing can be done just by sending a link of track or playlists that the users want to share. Users can collaborate as well on the shared content. There are numerous songs for users to discover the tracks that they have never listened to before and make playlists of their favorite songs. But Spotify also sports ready-made built-in playlists created by experts to accommodate different moods of different listeners. Users can enjoy music and radio programs in the old fashioned way by switching on the radio. Only this time users only have to begin with their favorite artist or song and Spotify will give one after another great music tracks to the users. Spotify enables the users to import Facebook friends directly to the app and see what they are listening to. Users can match the moods with their friends by listening to alike music.

Top lists are program created but users can also create it. The popularity meter will help you to make your top list which is updated according to the measurement of recent plays for the song. Users can also buy the music, singles, and albums they like on this app by downloading the MP3s format of those tracks. Users can also select from the top 50 tracks which are comprised of week’s top solos and albums. New music and charts are updated every Monday to keep the users updated with the latest trends of music. Users can also switch to radio and have age-old enjoyment of radio programs.

Spotify has now enabled everyone to listen to any kind of music on mobile, tablets and computers without any charges. Either the user is partying or bemoaning, alone or with friends, he or she can choose accordingly from the millions of tracks on Spotify because Spotify always has the right music for the right time on fingertips.


  • Free music on computers and mobile devices.
  • Every type of music for users to discover new tracks and albums on the Discover page.
  • Users can share music on Facebook, Spotify, Twitter, blogs or anywhere. Users can also find out what their friends are listening to.
  • The program gives you Top list and users can create one of their own.
  • Users can buy music by downloading the MP3s.
  • Enables the users to import their Facebook friends directly to the app and they can see whatever their friends are listening to with their own live stream. And all this in just a click.

        What’s New in

  • Fixed the element which was causing the playback to halt for audio alerts and notifications in between the songs.
  • Fixed the program to enable a smoother process of switching between mobile data and WiFi.
  • Fixed the program to make lock screen more trustworthy.
Title: Spotify Free Download
Added OnJuly 4, 2019 5:18 pm
Updated OnOctober 2, 2019 1:30 am
Version: Latest
License Type: Free
Operating System: Windows 10,7,8.1
Developers:Spotify Inc.
File Name: spotifysetup.exe
File Size: 882.50 KB

Spotify Free Download 32/64bit

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