VariCAD 2021

VariCAD 2021 is a professional-level CAD application that is designed to provide a variety of features to support users in creating 2D and 3D drawings. The app is highly instrumental when it comes to the field of mechanical engineering. 2021 is yet another enhanced and updated version of the app.

VariCAD 2021 – Review

If we consider all the functions, capabilities, and tools of VariCAD 2021, then we will find that this program is a full-fledged application that is best suitable for advanced users who want to create professional-level 3D or 2D drawings in the field of mechanical engineering. You can download VariCAD 2021 from the official website download page.

VariCAD 2021 – Features

Fully packed interface

The user interface is fully packed with tools and features which might look a bit overwhelming to novices at first glance. But this is because the program is fully placed with numerous dedicated parameters. Once users start the project, they will find the interface very accommodating. To begin a new project, a user will have to select 2D or 3D mode, opt for a measurement unit i-e millimeters or inches, and finally will have to pick up the drawing scale and format.

Easy insertion and deletion

VariCAD enables its users to insert objects from files such as DWB and STP. Users are also capable of copying, pasting, or deleting the selected components in VariCAD. This can be done also by the simple function of dragging and dropping objects into the working platform. Moreover, the function of redo and undo for the last action is another ease of use. Meanwhile, the colors of 2D and 3D objects can also be easily changed.


The 2D designs created on the VariCAD 2021 can be easily rotated means users can easily define rotated angles of the 2D objects that they insert.

Text line variation

The text lines can also be embedded through special characters such as degree, diameter, Greek letters, plus/minus signs. There is a built-in calculator as well to help users in solving mathematical operations.

Variety of options for objects

VariCAD 2021ike Italy predecessors enables users to make variations to the objects but in a more enhanced way. For instance, it lets users combine objects into blocks and users can draw arcs, spines, lines, circles, points, arrows, curves, and many other things. Moreover, users are empowered to work with more than one layer, alter colors, visibility, and line type of 2D objects. The items can be deleted and edited by changing the geometry of objects. For example by trimming their sections, removing segments, and extending lines and arcs.

More for 2D

Besides the ones mentioned above, VaroCAD 2021 comes with more important functions and that also in an enhanced and updated manner and are worth mentioning to the new users. For example, the program enables the users to use the options so they can fill a closed area. They can also select between several mechanical parts that are present including nuts, screws, rings, washers, threads, etc. Additionally, the visible objects in a 2D work environment or drawing format can be printed. Also, the 3D models can be easily converted to 2D drawings and a lot of materials can be used to edit the solid attributes.

Dedicated parameters

VariCAD 2021 has many dedicated parameters with which 3D designs can be built very easily. These parameters are designed to help users in creating wireframes and shaded views, zoom and rotate and rebuild 3D objects if any internal data error is found. Also, the parameters help users in combining two solids in a single object, defining the position or dimension of an object within the corresponding solid, and also applying geometric constraints.

Wide exporting options

VariCAD 2021 is compatible with many formats in terms of exporting the generated projections they can be exported to STP, DWG, DWB, DXF, IGS, or STL. Moreover, VariCAD 2021 is capable of converting the items to one of the mentioned formats and also provides support to batch processing.

VariCAD 2021 – Technical Details

Title: VariCAD 2021
Added OnMarch 1, 2021 10:14 pm
Updated OnJuly 21, 2021 12:26 am
Version: 2021 1.01
License Type: Freeware
Operating System: Windows
File Name: varicad-installer-1.3-en.exe
File Size: 3.66 MB

VariCAD 2021 Free Download 32/64bit

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