Java Development Kit 15.0.2

Java Development Kit 15.0.2 is a toolkit software that provides all the components to Windows users that are required for compiling, debugging, and running applets and apps that are written in Java programming language. The contents and components of the latest version of Java Development Kit 15.0.2 are discussed in the detail.

Java Development Kit 15.0.2 – Review

All in all JDK for windows is a powerful and useful developing toolkit software for the developers and some versions are specified for mac and other platforms as well so users of other operating systems can also take the support of the Java-based development tool kit provided by the software.

The above-mentioned contents will surely cater to the requirement of professional developers who prefer to write programs in a java programming language. The additional libraries and smart management of the components are the main perks of JDK for Windows. You can download it from the official website. You may like Apache Netbeans.

Java Development Kit 15.0.2 – Features

Smart management

JDK comes with its primary components that entail a suite of programming tools, including jar, javac, and the archiver, which has relevant class libraries in a single JAR file. The management of various components is also supported by the JDK programming suite.

This feature helps in the management of JAR files and JavaDoc as well. Javadoc is the generator of documentation and generates the documentation automatically from source code comments.   Manages JDK which is basically a debugger and jps which is the status tool of process i-e displays process info for current processes; java is also a manager which is a class file disassembler. Besides these lots of other components are also managed.

Complete Java Runtime environment

The JDK for Windows also has a complete Java Runtime Environment which is generally known as private runtime. This environment entails a Java Virtual Machine and all its class libraries exist introduction environment. Moreover, additional libraries are also there that are highly useful for core developers such as IDL land the internationalization libraries.

Development Tools

There are loads of development tools in the bin/ subdirectory. Utilities and tools are all there to help the users in developing, executing, and debugging. The document programs are scripted in the JavaTM programming language.

Additional Libraries

Additional libraries of JDK Windows are found in the lib/ subdirectory. Additional class libraries are all there in the suite along with other support files that are required by development tools.

Runtime Environment

That is present in JRE/ subdirectory. JDK implements  Java Runtime Environment aka JRE for use. This environment also includes a JVM (Java Virtual Machine), class libraries, and various other files that provide support in executing the programs scripted in the Java programming language.

Demo Applets and Apps

These are found in the demo/ subdirectory. For example, they are there with the source code of programming that is for the Java platform. These demos include examples that utilize Swing and various other Java Foundation Classes, and Java Platform Debugger Architecture.

Sample Code

They are found in the sample/subdirectory. Samples are with the source code of the programming that is done for particular Java APIs.

Source Code

It is content that is available in src.zip. These are the source files for Java programming language source files for all classes that make up the overall Java core API i-e, source files for java., java. and some other org. packages, but it does not make up for com. sun. packages.

This source code is given by JDK only for informational purposes so the developers can learn and make use of the Java programming language. Platform specified implementation code is excluded from these files and therefore these source codes cannot be utilized to rebuild class libraries. A common zip utility or a jar utility can be used to extract these files. The Jar utility is available in the bin/ directory of the Java Development Kit for Windows the extension will be jar xvf src.zip.

Java Development Kit 15.0.2 – Technical Details

Title: Java Development Kit 15.0.2
Added OnFebruary 13, 2021 10:00 am
Updated OnNovember 16, 2021 6:49 am
Version: 15.0.2
License Type: Freeware
Operating System: Windows
File Name: dk-15.0.2_windows-x64_bin.exe
File Size: 159.71 MB

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