Privacy Hide 1.0

Privacy Hide 1.0 is a software application for hiding your file from the other users. Privacy is now a day a number one demand of people who are active on computers. This is the reason that many developers are introducing their high tech developments in the market. Privacy hides 1.0 for desktop is one of the best among those. This particularly small and lightweight app does the big task of providing a great level of privacy to its users. This desktop utility empowers the users to quickly hide the lets you hide specific apps quickly from screens of desktops so you can keep your secret apps private with just a press of a button. By utilizing a useful tool such as Privacy Hide, you can stick to your privacy and the powerful performance of the program will ensure that your secrets are not being watched intentionally or accidentally by other users.

This privacy app basically functions on the bases of command inserted by the keystroke of hotkey that will hide the apps that are previously specified by the user. Alt key pressed along with the key of number “1” is the default hotkey that is used to hide or show the app. Selecting apps and then adding them in the list of to hide app is an easy process. The user can either manually feed the address or path of the app that is to be deleted or simply drag the icon of the app that is to hide and drop it in the list of selected apps that the users want to hide. Users can also select all the apps at a time by striking a hotkey. Moreover, the windows tray icon can also be hidden and there is also an additional option to automatically begin the process of Privacy Hide on the start-up time of Windows.

Privacy Hide can be availed in 38 most popular languages. The simplicity of the interface makes it very easy for users to either drag and drop the icons of the app to move them from here to there or to manually write their names to select for hiding. It is also possible for users to open Options screen by simply clicking on the shortcut of Privacy Hide Configuration that can be found out in start menu programs if the app is installed in the system.

All in all, Privacy hide is a simple and lightweight app to acquire privacy in few simple steps because privacy is right of everyone and no one has the right to pry that what apps a user is working with but still people try to poke their nose in other people’s preferences and then they also disclose it in front of others and don’t even stop from commenting on it in public. It is useless to confront them and therefore it is better to hide whatever you are using from such intruders. This is the perfect time when Privacy Hide needs to be installed on your desktops so you can keep the right of your privacy. Moreover, you don’t have to be an expert to operate the app as few simple clicks or drag and drop process can do your work as mentioned above in the article. So it’s high time to claim your right to the privacy you deserve by installing the useful Privacy Hide in your system.


We mentioned all the latest new features of Privacy Hide 1.0  below.

  • Hide and show apps by striking the hotkey Alt+1.
  • Apps can be selected and added in the list of the ones you want to hide by simple drag and drop process.
  • All apps can be at once selected to hide with a hotkey.
  • The Privacy hide can automatically begin on the start-up of Windows.
  • Available in 38 languages.
  • Options screen can be opened by clicking on the shortcut of Privacy Hide Configuration in start menu programs.
  • Lightweight app.
Title: Privacy Hide 1.0
Added OnAugust 11, 2019 12:05 am
Updated OnSeptember 11, 2019 7:06 am
Version: 1.0
Category: footer_menu
License Type: Free
Operating System: Windows 7, 8.1, & 10.
Developers:4dots Software Inc.
File Name: privacyhidesetup.exe
File Size: 4.60 MB

Privacy Hide 1.0 Free Download 32/64bit

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