Passware Password Recovery Kit Standard 2019.3.3

Passware Password Recovery Kit Standard 2019.3.3 is the latest release, when it comes to a tool for password recovery then Passware Password Recovery Kit Standard is one of the best in the market. This app is master in restoring lost passwords for Microsoft Access, Office files, PDF documents, Archives, Windows Administrators, Acrobat, Outlook, emails and etc. With its user-friendly interface and easy to follow installation and wizard to set up, Passware password recovery can retrieve as many passwords as one can lose. With its various GPUs, the software increases its performance level to the top position.

In short, Passware Password Recovery Kit Standard 2019.3.3 is a complete solution for your lost and forgotten passwords and has the ability to retrieve then from various sources. The new feature of newer versions can recover those passwords that went astray in the application of Safari web browser. This software is also capable of encrypting passwords that are set for specific files in a PC. Another perk is that AMD and NVIDIA GPUs along with multi-core CPUs dramatically increase the speed of password recovery process. The feature of Scans computer finds out all the files that are password protected.

Password Password recovery recognizes and then recovers passwords for more than 80 types of file types. This intuitive software makes it possible for you to recover passwords from files of your choice, from a network connection, from websites or from email accounts on your computer system. Additionally, you are able to reset the administrator password and even search for the protected files in your entire computer system. The function of ‘Search’ enables the software to scan everything on a computer including ‘My Computer’, ‘All Local Drives’ ‘My Documents’ and ‘Selected Drives and Folder’ to see if a protected file exists in the system.

Once you have selected the file you were searching for, you may run the wizard by inserting the possible clues about your forgotten password. Passware Password Recovery Kit will start its process to recover the password by using a combined attack. The interesting catch is that you can view the whole progress in a side panel. There is another option which is useful in case you remember nothing about your forgotten password and are unable to provide any clue to the software to start work on.

Use Predefined Settings: This option is called ‘Use Predefined Settings’ which performs a default series of attacks to find the lost password.

Customize Settings: The function of ‘Customize Settings’ is recommended for the people who have required IT knowledge to configure the process of retrieval manually.

Recover Internet and Network Passwords: is another feature of the software with which you can easily retrieve the passwords of your email accounts. This specific feature is designed to deal with the lost passwords of Microsoft Outlook accounts. You can also recover passcodes for the websites that are stored in your browsers. In short, Passware Password Recovery Kit Standard is reliable solution software that assists you to retrieve lost and forgotten passwords from a wide range of file formats, networks, and websites.


  • Instant Results as the software recovers and resets many types of password instantly.
  • Advanced Recovery Attacks is a Dictionary brute force that works with Known Password/Part, Previous Passwords and their combinations.
  • Combines attacks for passwords that are in a strong string of alphabets numeric and symbols.
  • Hardware Acceleration is possible due to multi-core CPUs and NVIDIA and AMD GPUs which speed up the process of password recovery.
  • Capable of analyzing by locating password protected files on a computer and assessing their security.
  • Easy to use and install.
  • Includes Wizard for setting up attacks for password recovery.
  • Customizable for non-instantaneous password recovery, 6 different attack types.
  • Drag and drop attacks editor.
  • Keeps a history of all the recovered passwords to be reused for other files.
  • Capable of working on a highly strong password.
  • Supports password modifications such as case changes, reversed phrases, etc.
  • Supports more than 80 file types and protected item.
Title: Passware Password Recovery Kit Standard 2019.3.3
Added OnAugust 22, 2019 1:00 am
Updated OnSeptember 7, 2019 9:32 pm
Version: 2019.3.3
Category: Windows 8.1
License Type: Demo
Operating System: Windows 7,8.1, & 10.
Developers:Passware Inc.
File Name: passwarekitbusiness_demo_64bit_setup.msi
File Size: 242.05 MB, 242.05 MB

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