PowerISO 8.1

PowerISO 8.1 is basically a very powerful tool designed to process CD, DVD, and BD image files and enables the users to create, burn, open, extract, edit, encrypt, compress, split and convert ISO files. This tool also enables the user to mount the ISO that has the internal virtual drive. It is compatible with almost all types of CDs, DVDs, ISO.

PowerISO 8.1 – Review

PowerISO is one package of solutions for all types of work that can be done with ISO files and disc images. The new versions of PowerISO have brought many enhancements such as it is now capable of creating 7z and zip files. The capability of converting ESD to WIM and vice versa is also a new addition. PowerISO is in one solution for processing and compressing almost all types of CD, DVD, and BD image files and users must not hesitate to use it for CD burning, compressing, mounting, and creating purposes.

PowerISO 8.1 – Features


The tool is utilized in handling all operations associated with image files. It can Process ISO and BIN image files. PowerISO 8.1 can also create a bootable CD image file and mount an image file that has an internal virtual drive. This way users can utilize the files without requiring to extract them. PowerISO compresses files and folders into a compressed archive. It scans and optimizes the files while it is compressing them which enables a better ratio and faster speed of compression.

Users can also split the archive into more than one volume by using this unique tool while keeping the archive protected with a password. Moreover, users can also directly use and mount the archive without the need for decompressing if they are using PowerISO for the purpose.

DAA file

DAA stands for Direct Access Archive. PowerISO 8.1 is a very powerful format of the compression image file used to provide backup for CDs and DVDs. It is a very advanced format with some very advanced features like compression and password protection, checksum support, data encryption, and much more. PowerISO performs the task of splitting archives into multiple volumes via DAA. It is fast, reliable, and has a rich set of features which include password-protected, data encryption, splitting to multiple volumes, checksum support, and much more.

The very significance of utilizing DAA file in place of ISO and other CD and DVD images for backup purposes is that PowerISO 8.1 has the capability to decrease the size of image files because DAA file is a format that compresses the raw data of CD and DVD with high tech method of compression. Another, benefit of the DAA file over any other image file is that users can perform the backup process very securely and privately.

It also has the particular ability to transfer the CD and DVD through the internet. DAA file has both the features of data encryption to deal with potential intrusion and hacking and the feature of password protection to keep away unauthorized users from accessing the data.

User-friendly interface

The interface of any program is the first thing that a user notices and gets affected by. The user interface of PowerISO has everything to appeal to users and to provide them an easy understanding and simple to use functions. The interface also supports the easy movement of items through the facility of the drag and drop function. Users can also very easily copy and paste items due to the support of the clipboard. Moreover, the interface provides the option of many popular languages for users to choose from.


The PowerISO 8.1 has great compatibility with 32 and 64 bit Windows. When it comes to compatibility its ability to support numerous formats to burn, mount, and work with them is remarkable. Such as it supports almost all formats of CD, DVD, and BD-ROM Image files including ISO, NRG, CDI, BIN, DAA, CUE, UIF, DMG, ASHDISC, LCD, CDI, CIF, NRG, NCD, P01, PDI, PXI, GI, C2D, FCD, VCD, BIF and etc. The app also provides support to Blu-Ray burning.

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PowerISO 8.1 – Technical Details

Title: PowerISO 8.1
Added OnDecember 31, 2021 2:04 am
Updated OnJanuary 13, 2022 12:12 am
Version: 8.1
License Type: Paid
Operating System: Windows 10, 7, 8.1.
Developers:PowerISO Inc
File Name: poweriso7.exe, poweriso7-x64.exe
File Size: 5.01 MB, 4.98 MB, 4.98 MB

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