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Nokia PC Suite connects and synchronizes Nokia phones with computers. The PC Suite enables the users to back up the files and settings that are important to be saved from the phone set to the computer system. Nokia Suite 7.1 is not only a file transferring software but adds a number of utilities to improve the mobile experience of its users by allowing them to access their mobile phones on wider PC screens.

Nokia PC Suite – Review

Nokia PC Suite has always been a very useful tool for Nokia users but the additional features and enhancements added in Nokia PC Suite 7.1 are what have made it outstanding among other such programs in the virtual market. Users can now easily synchronize their phone and computer system data and calendars. They can in a moment install apps on their phone remotely from their PC, access emails, images, videos, maps, and everything else that their phone possesses on bigger screens of Most of all, all these things are done wirelessly and also without the use of Bluetooth, USB or any other mediating device.

Nokia PC Suite – Features


The software is used to establish a secure connection between Nokia phones and computers. It synchronizes all the data of phone devices with the computer so the users have important files in more than one storage place. For example, prior to updating the phone users can back up the phone data in the computer system. Moreover, one can use the calendar and phonebook of Nokia on the wider screen of PC, can send and receive SMS and MMS  browse files, and transfer multimedia and other files from phone to PC through the wireless connection. Moreover, it connects the PC to the internet through mobile phones.

Also, users can update their phone applications remote from their PCs and can synchronize calendar events and contact details as well. It also helps to share information with Lotus Notes and users can use a wide space of computer screens to develop intricate multimedia messages and dispatch them through Nokia’s phone. The most popular functions with the most potential utility are that of restoration, backup, and file transferring which smoothly functions to provide the best usability to users.


It is very simple to install Nokia PC Suite because there is an installation wizard that guides the users at every step through the procedure of hooking up a phone.

User interface

The user interface of the program is very intuitive. The layout is very simple that even a beginner with no idea of computer software will be able to understand the functions. All the functions of Nokia Suite 7.1 are depicted on the main window in the form of Tiles. When the user will hover the cursor on any of the icons, a simple explanation of the feature will be displayed to show for what and how the feature is to be used. The main menu comprises an array of vibrant icons and by accessing them users can easily access the cool features of the software.

Copying function

The new function of version 7.1 is that users can now copy the content of the Nokia N9 to the computer and vice versa.

Call capability

Users can now be notified about the incoming call on their computer screen through the new Nokia Suite 7.1. Files and data of all types can be created, edited and all kinds of information including calendar events, messages, and contact details can be sent via both devices with one easy-to-use software.

Nokia Video Manager

Now with the new version 7.1, users can acquire Nokia Video Manager by installing Nokia PC Suite.


The 7.1 version enables the users to sync and copy the calendar and contacts between Nokia Suite and various programs including, MS Windows 7 Contacts, MS Vista Contacts, MS Vista Calendar, MS Outlook 2002, 2003, 2007, and 2010, Mozilla Thunderbird, and MS Outlook Express. You may like to download android lollipop 5.1.

Nokia PC Suite – Technical Details

Title: Nokia PC Suite
Added OnJanuary 13, 2022 7:40 pm
Updated OnSeptember 27, 2023 10:17 pm
License Type: Freeware
Operating System: Windows
Developers:Nokia PC Suite Inc
File Name: nokia_pc_suite_all.exe
File Size: 64.81 MB

Nokia PC Suite Free Download 32/64bit

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