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Code Blocks 17.12

Code Blocks 17.12 is open source cross-platform and free IDE for Fortran, C and C++ with a system that is a custom build and an optional Make support. The application I particularly designed as very extensible and completely configurable. The IDE (Integrated development environment) supports various compilers such as GCC, Visual C++, and Clang. This IDE program is developed in C++ language code using wxWidgets as a tool kit of Graphic user interface (GUI). With plugin architecture, the features and capabilities can be defined very well. Presently, CodeBlocks is focused on Fortran, C, and C++ but developers are constantly engaged in intense research for further development. CodeBlocks IDE fully packed with every feature that a user may need including a consistent look, operatives and feel across all its supported platforms.

CodeBlocks supports various compilers as mentioned above including GCC, Digital Mars, MinGW, Borland and Microsoft Visual C++, Watcom, LLVM Clang, LCC and Intel C++. However, originally this IDE was specifically designed for C++ language, support for other languages is also incorporated in the design. These other languages include Fortran and D. A robust plug-in system is integrated into the system as well in order to support the mentioned programming languages.

CodeBlocks is adorned with syntax highlighting along with code folding through Scintilla editor component. It also features class browser, C++ code completion, a hex editor and a wide range of other handy tools and utilities for code editing. Opened files can be seen on layout organized in prominent tabs. The code editor provides support to the selection of font and its size. It also supports personalized syntax highlighting colors.

The CodeBlocks is a debugger as well with complete breakpoint support. The IDE enables the users to debug the programs on their systems by accessing the display of argument and local function symbol along with a user-defined watches, custom memory dump, call stack, thread switching, GNU Debugger Interface, disassembly, and CPU registers. It’s also a GUI designer as the newer versions of CodeBlocks are available with a Graphic User Interface designer named with. It is basically a derivative port of wxWidgets of older oldest. In order to complete the wxWidgets application, it is required that the users install appropriate wxWidgets SDK.

User migration is possible in this IDE as some of the features in CodeBlocks are targeted at those users who have migrated from other Integrated development environment. These include project import (MSVC 7 & 10), Microsoft Visual C++, Dev-C+ and Devpak support.

Project files and build system of this program is specifically designed for the IDE as CodeBlocks has a custom made a system, that is built to store all its information in project files based on XML. There is an option for the program to use external makefiles as well which simplifies the process of interfacing with projects through making built systems or GNU. The program is built around a plugin-based framework as mentioned prior. This is why CodeBlocks has the ability to get extended with the plugins. Further support for many more functionalities can be incorporated in the IDE by installing or coding plugins.

Last but not the least is the user interface of this IDE which is appealing with its customizable features. It is extensible with Syntax highlighting. The interface is based on tabs that are easy to understand. Class Browser, things to do list manager along with various other users and a wide range of handy features are provided in CodeBlocks through plugins.


  • Written in C++. Proprietary libs and interpreted languages are not needed.
  • Fully supports and supported by plugins.
  • Supports Multiple compilers including GCC, MSVC++, Digital Mars, clang, Borland C++ 5.5, etc.
  • Provides support for parallel builds.
  • Capable of importing Dev-C++ projects.
  • Also a Debugger with full support for breakpoints.
  • Open-source cross-platform IDE.
Title: Code Blocks 17.12
Added OnAugust 16, 2019 11:47 pm
Updated OnSeptember 9, 2019 9:37 pm
Version: 17.12
Category: Windows 8.1
License Type: Free
Operating System: Windows 7, 8.1, & 10.
File Name: codeblocks-17.12-setup.exe
File Size: 35.64 MB

Code Blocks 17.12 Free Download 32/64bit

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