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MongoDB Compass 1.18.0

MongoDB Compass 1.18.0 helps the users to visually explore their data, to run the ad hoc queries in mere seconds, to interact with their data incomplete CRUD functionality and to optimize and view the performance of their query. With MongoDB Compass, one can make smart decisions regarding the validation of documents, indexing, and many more things.

MongoDB Compass Community: The advance tool of MongoDB Compass has 3 basic versions that are a community, Enterprise Read-only, and Enterprise. While the other versions don’t come free, MongoDB Compass Community can be acquired free of cost but its features are somewhat limited than the other versions. Although community versions are free it still offers a wide range of functions and handy tools such as it enables its users to connect with their MongoDB Database in order to run and check queries, manage indexes, execution plans and create/drop databases and collections. If we focus on the features and advantages of MongoDB compass community version, we can easily find out the most suitable ways to download the application and find out that we can easily work around the limited features using the software that is free open source.

What can it do? MongoDB compass community can be installed in a very simple way on all the operating systems which is the very first plus point of community version. The main screens of this application and version are self-explanatory in regards to their functions relevant to databases, collections queries, and indexes which are almost as same as the bought versions and don’t have any limitations. The community version, however, doesn’t have document validation, real-time server status or schema analysis existing in its package but many other features are there which covers almost every requirement of the majority of users.

The MongoDB compass community version can be deemed as an open-source whose functionalities can cover almost anything with its free tools. With these tools, users are able to generate collections’ reports, schemas and the type of their field. The server details are shown with the currently running operations, used memory, and network throughput. These dates can be accumulated with an open-source or the “homemade” scripts.

MongoDB Compass has the ability to analyze the documents and then display them in rich configurations within the collections through a built-in GUI. It provides quick visualization and exploration of the schema so the user can understand the ranges, frequency, and types of fields in a dataset. Very sophisticated queries can be constructed by only one point and click. Moreover, they can be executed with only a push of a button and the results will be displayed in the form of graphics and sets of JSON documents as well by MongoDB compass. MongoDB Compass enables its users to modify the existing documents through a built-in visual editor with more confidence. Users can also insert new documents and copy or delete the existing ones merely in a few clicks.

A user-friendly GUI runs the knowhow queries through itself so the user can identify and solve the performance issues. Once the user understands the size and type of their indexes, utilization and their special properties, they can simply remove or add them by just clicking a button. Rules can be created and modified to validate the data and it can be done simply by using a simple click and point interface. The extensive support from CRUD enables the users to fix the quality of their data in a simple way and in separate documents. The framework of Plugin for Compass is displayed as an API which makes it extensible for users. If users want some other functions then they can install or build a plugin for more features. Aggregation pipelines can be constructed in an intuitive User Interface. The features of auto-complete and code skeletons make it easier to construct a stage, meanwhile showing a preview of documents displaying if the stage is performing as per the need of users. Stages can be added and removed and dragged and dropped so the user can reorder the pipeline.

When the users are done with it, they can export it to the native code so they can be used in an application. In other words, once the user is connected with MongoDB compass, how or she can start exploring the structure of their database through two basic self-explanatory sections. One being “Databases” while another being “Performance”. The application provides information regarding the storage size, indexes, collections and the number of documents. Users can work on multiple databases at a time and most of all things get more convenient as the databases can be renamed according to the liking of the user.

All in all, the MongoDB Compass community is a very instrumental tool for users who want to avail an efficient and free of cost application for their purposes instead of going for a bought one. It is excellent and gives you fast insight into the behavior of your data so you can conveniently identify the problem causing a bottleneck in or a slower query which can affect your performance negatively and by fast identification you eventually get a faster resolution for the identified problem.


  • Visualization and exploration of data can be done through built-in GUI.
  • Super visual editing tool to enable the users to insert, modify and delete the data as per requirement.
  • Debugging and optimization by enabling the users to understand the performance issues through visual explain plans so they can utilize the view and manage the indices.
  • Built it schema visualization to explain the data.
  • Immediate intuition into the performance of the query and status of the server.
  • Geospatial data can be visualized, understood and worked on.
  • Easier Interaction with data through a simpler approach to CRUD.
  • Visual explain plans to provide a better comprehension of performance issues.
  • Management of indexes through view utilization.
  • Simpler validation of data.
  • Extensions can be gained through plugins.
  • Easier aggregations.
Title: MongoDB Compass 1.18.0
Added OnMay 27, 2019 7:31 pm
Updated OnOctober 13, 2019 12:49 am
Version: 1.18.0
Category: Software
License Type: Free
Operating System: Windows 10,8.1,7
Developers:Mongodb Inc.
File Name: mongodb-compass-community-1.18.0-win32-x64.msi
File Size: 126 MB

MongoDB Compass 1.18.0 Free Download 32/64bit

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