Clean Space 7.33

Clean Space 7.33 is software for computer professionals and to general users as well if they get a grip on the functions through the support of tutorials and online tips. Anyhow, it is a powerful software that is specifically designed to address the issue of digital garbage on a computer. It cleans the host computer from all the digital garbage and also protects the privacy of users on the internet. The creator claims that the primary goal of CleanSpace is to improve the performance of a computer. The latest version has proven this claim by providing efficient tools for performing the clean-up task for the host computer.

The more a user works on a computer, the more digital garbage piles up on that computer including cache, cookies, temporary files of different used or installed programs, browsing the history of the internet, logs, entries of registrations, index.dat files and even Windows as well. Most commonly, these unwanted objects are scattered all over the places in a computer, mostly in hidden system folders. If let it be remaining on the computer, with time they clog up the system and slow down the Windows immensely along with causing waste of precious gigabytes in disk space. CleanSpace safely and very easily cleans all the digital junk and that also in just a click of a tab that enables the Windows and all other programs to perform their respective tasks more efficiently. The software also ensures that nobody ever tracks the past activity of users that they have done on the internet. As per the claim of CleanSpace developers, once the software has worked its wonders on the computer, even elite class magnets cannot restore the deleted data.

The user interface of CleanSpace is modern and sleek but very user-friendly. It is simple to install the software on the computer and easy to operate it efficiently without much help. CleanSpace has achieved multiple awards for its efficient work and security bloggers also rate and praise it very highly. In order to avail the maximum benefit from CleanSpace, users may run it in Administrator mode. It also happens that CleanSpace notifies the user and by default sets the Administrator mode when users run it for the first time and choose to do the clean-up process Administration mode. After going through this step, the program becomes a piece of cake to operate. It immediately starts the process of scanning on startup and quickly returns with the list of files it can delete. Users can again calculate the numbers of files on their own that are to be deleted, for instance, if users leave the program in running mode and come back afterward as more files are further scanned and reported to be deleted then.

A details tab is present that breaks down the files into finding to be deleted in each category including Windows 10 apps, Windows 10, Media Player, OneDrive, Skype, Internet Explorer, Chrome and any other applications or browsers that are installed on the computer. The software empowers the users to control what files they want to remove from the scanned list and what they want to preserve for some reason. For example, users can uncheck the cookies and history if they want to preserve them. All in all, CleanSpace is a very good choice if the users want to clean their computers safely and get rid of the junk files without investing hours in navigating the computer or a cluttered interface.


  • Cleans all the digital junk from the computer such as cookies, cache, browsing history, etc.
  • It empowers the computer with free disk space to perform faster and smoother.
  • It starts in a click.
  • Sleek and modern but easy to use interface.
  • Easy to install. Easy to operate.
  • Administration mode to give maximum benefit.
  • Provide controls to the user that what they want to delete and what they want to keep.
Title: Clean Space 7.33
Added OnJune 22, 2019 8:35 pm
Updated OnOctober 6, 2019 10:25 pm
Version: 7.33
License Type: Free
Operating System: Windows 10,8.1,7
Developers:Neowin Inc.
File Name: setup_clnspc.exe
File Size: 14.21 MB

Clean Space 7.33 Free Download 32/64bit

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