Bluetooth Driver Installer

Bluetooth Driver Installer is a version of a free driver tool that is designed to fix the issues associated with Bluetooth in a PC.  It enables a generic Microsoft driver to be installed onto the adapter. Through this installation, files can be transferred between the devices through the Bluetooth connection. The program is based on the technique of pitching files which makes it work smoothly and efficiently on the majority of USBs and built-in adapters and that also without any error. The main benefits and features of Bluetooth Driver installer are listed below.

Bluetooth Driver Installer – Review

In nutshell, Bluetooth Driver Installer is a very useful and free app whose lightweight doesn’t overburden the host device. The simplicity makes it easier for all levels of users to take advantage. The wizards throughout the app help the users further to seamlessly operate the app. It is compatible with most of the adopters and keeps the users updated throughout the operation.

Bluetooth Driver Installer – Features

Easy and secure sharing

The version of Bluetooth Driver Installer recognizes all the devices with Bluetooth in a wider range as compared to the default Bluetooth of the devices. This empowers the users to get connected with other devices in order to share files most easily with just the press of a button.  Also, users can be tension-free of their device security as it can be discovered easily during the function of Bluetooth connectivity, as Bluetooth Driver Installer prevents this exposure by changing network settings and that also by interfering with the device function to the minimum extent.

Installation of the compatible driver

Besides the normal function of a Bluetooth connection, this Driver Installer also helps users in a situation when an appropriate driver is not available for the adapter. The Driver Installer identifies the device automatically and installs compatible distribution that can be used correctly by the device.


This Bluetooth application is compatible with almost all the standard hardware and adapters. Its lightweight package makes it possible to be stored in a flash drive and other storage tools

Reliability and security

Bluetooth Driver Installer is a reliable version that is designed to ensure that all operations of the device run smoothly and efficiently. The app is free of unknown viruses and malware, and the same is proven by LO4D tests. This assures the users that the app can be used on their devices without any threat of malware.

Simple and sleek user interface

The user interface of Bluetooth Driver Installer is simple and clear which shrinks the learning curve massively for users. The simplicity of the interface and easy wizards throughout the application makes it very easy even for beginners to operate.

Restore point

Bluetooth Driver Installer creates a restore point automatically before making any type of change. This enables the users to use the option of Windows System Restore in case anything doesn’t go right as this feature reverts all the changes that are made to the device.

Detailed report

In order to keep the user updated, Bluetooth Driver Installer generates a detailed report when a successful operation is completed. This report contains details such as the model and manufacturer of the device along with its subversion.

Patch driver errors

A number of tools are available in the market now which enable the wireless transfer of files from one device to another. However, it happens frequently that users have to face annoying hurdles when Windows are unable to recognize the adapter and files or encounter various errors while exploring them. This happens due to the inappropriate behavior of drivers and information files.

These irritations are completely eliminated by Bluetooth Driver Installer as it patches these driver errors regardless of the reason behind the corruption of system files.  It repairs the errors that prevent the device from getting successfully installed in the first place. Moreover, the complete process takes only a few minutes and makes a minimum impact on the resources of the device.

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Bluetooth Driver Installer – Technical Details

Title: Bluetooth Driver Installer
Added OnDecember 24, 2021 8:17 am
Updated OnDecember 24, 2021 9:36 pm
License Type: Freeware
Operating System: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and XP
Developers:Bluetooth Driver Installer Inc
File Name: bluetoothdriverinstaller_x64.exe
File Size: 3.19 MB

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