Iperius Backup 2022

Iperius Backup 2022 is a solution for all i-e pros and beginners. It provides complete backup to Windows without any hassle. Iperius is available for free but has a paid edition as well with which you can make advance backups including Drive imaging, database backups, VSS open file backup, backup to Cloud, FTP Backup, VMware ESXi backup, backup to tape, backup to NAS, and more. You may like to visit the official website.

Iperius Backup 2022 – Review

All in all, It’s a complete solution software for creating backups on home PCs and commercials PCs or networks of PCs with equally great performance, speed, and ease. Iperius Backup basically is a software that works server systems as well such as Server 2003, 2008, 2012, 2016, 2019, and SBS. Iperius is a professional program to provide backup but contrary to its high performance, it’s very lightweight i-e it utilizes very little space in system memory and consumes a very low level of system resources. Moreover, the software is completely portable.

Iperius supports incremental copying and zip compression as it can create a backup for files and folders on any storage device and also across a network. It can even do it on differential or incremental and keeps multiple copies of the backup. It supports zip compression without any size or quantity limit of the file and is capable of compressing files that have paths with even more than 255 characters.

Iperius Backup 2022 – Features


Iperius Backup is capable of ensuring that a solid backup of your mission-critical data is always ready. Extreme flexibility in terms of backup types, variety of options, customizations, and filters. Users can run external scripts, files, and processes before and after backup. This application is capable of performing backup jobs in the chain. After completion of the backup it also Automatically shuts down the computer. Moreover, it is capable of creating the backup on any storage device such as NAS, RDX, external USB drives, and across a network. It also creates the auto backup in day time.

Data Recovery

The software is adorned with powerful features with intelligent options that empower you to recover your lost data with complete ease in just a few clicks.

Data security and privacy on a cloud server

Moreover, besides the backup of local data, Iperius also sends your data to the cloud server according to your own choice through its high-tech encryption which ensures security and privacy of data as well that is being transferred to the cloud.

Lightweight and portable

The software is equally good for both domestic and commercial use both as it is stable and reliable that can be installed on a low-end domestic PC and on a high configuration business PC with equal ease and as a Windows service that is monitored via a Web Console. Lightweight and portable with lifetime licenses and free updates and support.

Automatic Scheduling Backup

Automatic scheduling of backup is another perk of Iperius as it functions completely with planning to make automatic backups on a specified date and time. You can even create more than one backup schedule based on days of week and month and also on the basis of various preferred times.

Automatic Backup Utility Notifications

Users can acquire backup reports and notifications via email because Iperius records all its backup operations in the history in form of easy-to-understand HTML log files. Iperius Backup contains all the functions associated with e-mail notification which enables you to email each backup notification, multiple recipients. Moreover, it also generates detailed reports. It Supports zip compression without limit of file size, file number, or length of the path.

Auto Update

No need for manual updates. It also updates automatically through the internet.

Iperius Backup 2022 – Technical Details

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Version: 2022
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Operating System: Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 7
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Iperius Backup 2022 Free Download

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