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Lightroom CC 2018 by Adobe Photoshop is a cloud-based software that enables its users to edit their photos in a most convenient, smart and enhanced way. Photo Lightroom CC 2018 is the answer to the dreams of all the photography lovers out there. The software simplifies the process of creating incredible photographs at any place and at any time with the help of its advanced and innovative features. One of the most important benefits of the app is that the user can access his or her photos that are uploaded from Photoshop Lightroom CC 2018 by using any of the browsers available at the time on your PC, cell phones or tabs and you can then edit them at any time in full-resolution. Other benefits are also noteworthy while discussing the quality and advantages of Lightroom CC 2018, such as the user can organize all the photos by finding them by searching the keywords that get applied to the photos automatically without manual tagging. Furthermore, it is very easy to share and display your photos in many interesting ways. There are many other mouthwatering features that are mentioned further in the article.

Online photo editing: The workflow can be transferred to the cloud from your desktop and then it can be managed online. Users can make advanced adjustments to the photos, manipulate their colors and fix their angles from anywhere by accessing the cloud. Online photo effects, with cloud power, users can gain fantastic photos. This can be done by online photo apps presented b Adobe. One can process and also catalog the images to make them available all the time at any place and time of desire.

Photo editing software: The pictures can be taken to the next level of professionalism by using powerful tools of photo editing Lightroom software which can be run on the World Wide Web, desktops and cell phones whether the user is a beginner or a pro at photography. Easy sharing: All the photos can be shared with the loved ones, friends, clients individually or even to a bigger and formal audience. The gallery of photos can be created and then shared directly from Lightroom CC 2018 on the internet. The sharing can also be done by posting photos directly to social media sites. This photo editing software is adorned with all the tools that a pro or novice photographer may need to create and share your photos with ease and in lightning speed.

Organized smartly: A very instrumental tool of Photoshop Lightroom CC 2018 is named Adobe Sensei. Adobe Sensei utilizes the mechanic learning power to apply the keywords to photos according to their content. These keywords can easily be searched and organized separately. It can be said that it is a form of auto-tagging. Now when you are looking for some specific shots with something common in them, then search by the keywords assigned by Sensei auto-tagging which will make your search spree an easy task and you can create albums on themes of your choice.

Editing is possible anywhere: Simple sliders, fast adjustment tools and presets enable the editing of photos easy and accessible anywhere. The spontaneous interface of Lightroom CC 2018 makes it very easy to create photographs that give the look of your desire and can be edited in the precise way that you want. Lightroom CC 2018 makes you capable of editing the photos directly on World Wide Web so you can access and edit your full-resolution photographs at any place and time of your choice. These edits are applied and then synchronized everywhere else. Language support: All the commonly spoken languages are supported by Lightroom CC 2018 including Deutsch, English, Dutch, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Turkish and Indonesian. This inclusion of so many languages enables people from almost all around the globe to access and understand the features of Lightroom CC 2018 easily in their own or a known language.

Discount offers: Reasonable discount offers of up to 60% are provided to teachers and students on the complete collection of apps that are based on Creative Clouds. The free trial versions have all the updated features of the 2018 CC version.


  • Modifying is possible for individual video frames.
  • Users can share his or her work on social media sites.
  • One can create images with a variety of exposures.
  • Users can create an image that is natural-looking enough to look in real scenes.
  • Technology that can recognize facial contents.
  • Compatible templates- HTML5.
  • Filters and effects that can give a professional-like touch to your photos.
  • Raw files in the panorama images.
  • Spectacular panoramas engine.
  • Convenient workflows of photography.
  • Convenient stitching of multiple images.
  • Improved feature to enable Video slide shows.
  • Innovative video slideshows can be created.
  • Texts or 3D objects can be set on images.
  • Multiple photos can be combined easily.
  • Editing on cloud possible from any device at any time.
  • Support for a wide range of languages to support global users and photographers.
Title: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC 2018
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Version: Lightroom CC 2018
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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC 2018 Free Download 32/64bit

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