Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic CC 2019

The latest version 8.3 of Lightroom cc classic is released in May 2019. The new version is not only adorned with upgraded previous features but several new functions are added for those who want to play with their images giving them the look of their choice. However, the interface is not much different in classic 2019 from its predecessor to keep the user familiarize with the atmosphere they are used to of but the features and functions are all enhanced and upgraded to give a top-notch experience to its users.

What’s upgraded and What’s new: With Lightroom classic, users can adjust their metadata and add to collections. Users can do a variety of things while importing the pictures such as adding keywords, changing destination and applying presets. Lightroom classic enables users to organize their images into elaborated collections and smart collection sets and the user can navigate through the folders placed on their desktops. The organization of collections is smarter in classic 2019 as one can do it by setting particular parameters including keywords, flags or ratings that are already assigned to images and collections. The Develop side panel is revamped. Exposure, adjustments, shadows, and highlights are now under the Light while vibrancy, saturation, and white balance are under the color section.

The scheme of organization is now simpler for beginners to get used to because everything is grouped together. Lightroom cc Classic comes with a slider for every color, to darken or to lighten. This option is very instrumental for tints on skins and enables users to achieve colored profiles even in case of black and white pictures because the user can regulate and manipulate each shade of Grey in the image. The graduated and radial masks are also revamped in Lightroom Classic. Now, the user can filter for luminance masking and for colors too. If the graduated filter is used to bring details from one area then the user can do it by selecting only the target area without affecting any other area in the picture.

Along with many upgrading in previous familiar features, there are many new things that a user can do with the tools of Lightroom cc Classic 2019. For example, one can reduce lens cast or shading from the digital photos with the help of a handy tool in Lightroom classic 2019 named Flat-Field Correction. Basically, shading can appear in a picture from various lenses resulting in color casts by characteristics of the lens or asymmetrical vignettes. The feature of Flat-Field Correction which can be accessed in the Library module will solve this problem.

Another new feature is the very latest Texture slider. You were always able to accentuate and smoothen details of skin, hair and bark this tool. In Lightroom classic 2019, the function is simpler and enhanced while the results are outstanding. With the help of this new Texture slider, you can move easily such as adjusting slider negatively will smoother the skin and will retain the details of fine pores on face to give a natural look to your image. Specific areas can be accentuated by increasing the amount of texture without affecting the areas with lesser details such as areas that you want to be retained out of focus in the picture. Moreover, adjustment of the texture slider will not result in changed tone and color in the picture. Textures can be applied to a photo in the form of global adjustment or to the specific areas in the form of local adjustments. The user will have to select an image and switch it to develop a module to apply the desired textures.

Other enhancements of Lightroom cc Classic include collecting photos from the sections of files in speed instead of navigating through SD card, CF card, etc. separately as the pictures can be easily selected from the Files section in the import grid by default. In past versions this function was doable from the Device section but doing it from the file section is speedier and performant. Files section chooses the DCIM fold where the camera by default saves the pictures. If the user wants to select the other folder, he or she can do that easily through this feature. The auto setting is also improved in the new version of Lightroom classic which will be notable by the users immediately when they will apply the auto settings which is located in the develop module beside Tone in the Basic section.

New Lightroom classic can support a plethora of camera models. With the feature of Adobe Camera Raw, users can enhance and upgrade raw pictures taken from a variety of cameras and then can import those pictures into many different Adobe applications. Lightroom classic cc 2019 is one of the Adobe applications that supports this function with extraordinary efficiency. Likewise, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom cc classic 2019, and plug-in if camera raw includes a variety of lens profiles which can be used to correct the common aberrations of lens such as pincushion geometric distortion and barrel problem. Majority of the lens profiles correct vignette as well where corners of the image are darker than the rest of the image. All in all, with the previous features updated, Lightroom cc classic 2019 has proved to be the bigger brother of previous versions mainly in possibilities for exporting.


  • Support a new range of cameras through Adobe Camera Raw.
  • Supports a wide range of lens profiles.
  • Enhanced texture slider.
  • Smart Import.
  • Smart organization.
  • Variety of options while importing.
  • Adds to the collection and set of collections through already assigned keywords flags and ratings.
  • Revamped panels.
  • Enhanced scheme of organization.
  • Flat field correction to reduce lens cast or shading.
  • Revamped graduated and radial masks.
  • Global texturing along with local texturing.
  • Among all these features, the top ones are the flat field correction, new texture slider and the addition of many different new camera models.
Title: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic CC 2019
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Updated OnOctober 6, 2019 11:19 pm
Version: Lightroom Classic CC 2019
License Type: Trial
Operating System: Windows 10,8.1,7.
Developers:Adobe Inc.
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File Size: 1.3 GB

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