Tencent Gaming Buddy 1.0.5077.123

Tencent Game buddy which is also known as Tencent Game Assistant is a free and highly innovated Android emulator introduced by Tencent, a giant Chinese player of the gaming industry. The program is solely designed to provide PC gamers ultimate access to the very latest and optimized version of PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds) that is the superstar of all the mobile games. The emulator efficiently enables the PC users to access the full version of PUBH with all its online modes, DLC packs, friends management, daily rewards, voice chat and whatever else is in the package. Tencent Gaming Buddy empowers you to play doubtlessly the most famous mobile game on a bigger screen of your PC.

Although, a PUBG game desktop version already exists the mobile version has a lot more than the desktop version in many ways which raise the need if an official Android emulator. It also diminishes the problem that you face while playing games such as shooters on mobile devices which becomes quite hectic to play with a touchscreen. The particular design of Gaming Buddy allows you finest gaming experience with control of mouse and keys on your PCs.

Tencent Games is widely known as one of the biggest companies in the industry of mobile gaming. Therefore, it was expected of them that they will surely provide an alternative for PC users so they can also experience the maximum blow of their high profile mobile game and they have not failed that expectation. With this invention, you can enjoy extensive mobile games like PUBG and Piano King from your Windows-based systems.

Tencent gaming buddy is very straightforward in looks and simple in use. The installation process is quick as lightning and in no time you will be enjoying your favorite mobile games on your Windows after the quick installation of this emulator. Moreover, a wide range of co configuration and settings adorns this gaming buddy to enable personalization of your gaming experience as much as you want. The good thing is that Tencent Gaming Buddy doesn’t necessarily require a high profile computer and you can install and enjoy the facility even on a low-end computer system.

This saves you from the regular PUBG PC version where optimization issues occur if played on PCs without the required hardware. However, if you have a powerful high-end computer then you are in for the greatest gaming experience of your life on your Windows machine. For example, with this emulator, you can change the resolution of the screen to 720p, HD and even to 2K. Moreover, the facilities of PUBG mobile gaming becomes cross-platform gameplay between mobile and Windows PC.

Tencent gaming buddy is not designed only to match the visuals and gameplay of PUGB games on mobile devices but it also surpasses these qualities as it allows you of rendering in higher-level resolutions, full integration of mouse and keyboard controls, more stable framerates and much more. The good thing is, all these perks can be acquired even with the Game buddy installed on a modest PC with low-end gaming configurations. This definitely is a piece of good news for those who own old desktops, laptops or PCs that cannot bear the PC versions of PUBG game.

In nutshell, Tencent Gaming Buddy is highly popular for its ability to allow maximum access to Tencent Games on PCs. This is a gift particularly when mobile is an important communicating device of the era and keeping the mobiles’ battery up to the mark is important for everyone so Tencent Gaming Buddy empowers you to save your mobile batteries when most needed and so enjoy your favorite games from the ease and comfort of your PCs.

Title: Tencent Gaming Buddy 1.0.5077.123
Added OnAugust 20, 2019 6:24 pm
Updated OnSeptember 8, 2019 5:07 pm
Version: 1.0.5077.123
Category: footer_menu
License Type: Free
Operating System: Windows 7, 8.1, & 10.
Developers:Tencent Inc.
File Name: tencent-gaming-buddy-1.0.8746.123.exe
File Size: 5.97 MB

Tencent Gaming Buddy 1.0.5077.123 Free Download 32/64bit

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