BlueStacks App Player 5.5.10

BlueStacks App Player 5.5.10 is a technology company that was established by Suman Saraf, Jai Vaishnav, and Rosen Sharma in 2009. This is the company that is the main idea behind the BlueStacks App Player and some other cross-platform products that are based on a cloud system. The product is designed to make Android applications run on personal computers that have an operating system of Microsoft Windows running on them. The other supporting operating system is macOS by Apple.

BlueStacks App Player 5.5.10 can be downloaded on the mentioned operating systems that are virtualized as operating systems for Androids. The basic features of the software can be downloaded easily and free of cost. However, the user will have to pay a monthly subscription in order to avail of the benefits of advanced features. As per Bluestacks, the BlueStacks App Player 5.5.10 can run on 96% of apps of the 1.4 million available on the Google Play Store. For more details please visit BlueStacks official website.

BlueStacks App Player 5.5.10 – Review

An addition of BlueStacks TV window is done to the BlueStacks App Player to provide better and more hedonic values to the users. Live streams are curated in these TV windows on the basis of users’ possible interests so the user won’t have to waste time searching for some stream when he or she can watch one without the hassle. Once live, the user can keep track of their viewers and can also interact easily with them in his or her Twitch chat. Headphones will surely enhance the experience so as not to forget them.

Real-time Twitch chat is added to all the live streams so the user can join in the ongoing conversation. Users can also share their live streams on Twitter and Facebook. Through #BlueStacksTV, users’ streams can be featured on the company’s social media. The feedback of users is constantly being watched to incorporate enhancements accordingly. You may like to download Memu Android Emulator.

BlueStacks App Player 5.5.10 – Features


As per the record of April 2015, the Google Play Store was providing 1.4 million apps to its users. Bluestacks App Player is able to run over 96% of them. Moreover, the download record reached 109 million in 2015 and the number has grown remarkably since then and that is a great number of downloads for any BlueStacks App Player software.


BluseStacks App Player provides the control of the mouse, arrow keys, keyboard, and other external touchpad controls to use as the desired mapping instrument for any map. To elaborate the point, it can be stated that the user can assign the actions to his or her mouse, tracking ball or keyboard and mouse and the instrument will perform in the game as the task assigned to it by the user. One can play the game smartly with this keymapping tool.

These assigned keymaps can also be saved for further utilization so the gamer or a user does not have to perform the task of assigning the action to each tool every time which will be a clear waste of time and effort. This is not limited to key mapping, the user can perform map tilting, map swiping, and other variety of inherent mobile actions that can be directly assigned to the keyboard, tracker, or mouse of users’ device.

This enables the user to enhance his or her speed while playing games like VainGlory and Clash Royale because, with the help of these features, the user can point to the exact position with the precision of the keyboard or mouse.

The interface of Blusestack App Player is now available just similar to the Browser interface enabling the users to play more than one app at a time. Through this facility, users can keep their messenger app operating in a tab while the user can go on with his or her gaming experience. The user can also run an app while the other one is downloading. There is an endless possibility of ease and functions just with the convenience of a multi-processing feature.

Bluestack App Player ensures that the users have access to the handy functions including set location, screen shake, volume adjustment, and many more. A new toolbar is given on the left side of Bluestacks App Player so the user can immerse fully in the operations of the BlueStacks App Player by simply clicking a button for the Full-Screen option.

System requirement

The minimum requirement to support Bluestacks App Player in a Windows environment is to have Windows versions XP SP3 or above, system memory of 2 GB or more, 4 GB space or more in the hard drive, and a GPU with the capability of Direct X 9.0 or above. The user will also require the privileges of being an administrator.

BlueStacks App Player clashes with the antivirus software of BitDefender. The updated latest version of the driver for the graphic is recommended for better performance and display. The latest versions of BlueStacks App Player have however raised the requirement for more and updated hardware but this is only so the user can experience the best possible performance.

Likewise, for macOS by Apply environment, the minimum requirements are operating systems with versions macOS Sierra or above, system memory of 4 GB or more, space of 4 GB or more in hard disk

Additional perks

BlueStacks App Player empowers the user to operate Android games and applications on their PC. The product along with more than 140 million users, empowers gamers around the world to experience Android games easily, competitively, and directly on Personal Computers. The developers are constantly monitoring the feedback of their users for betterment in their product and they are ready to introduce the latest optimizations for the apps that are most in-demand.

BlueStacks App Player 5.5.10 – Technical Details

Title: BlueStacks App Player 5.5.10
Added OnJanuary 7, 2022 1:46 am
Updated OnSeptember 27, 2023 10:21 pm
Version: 5.5.10
Category: Software
License Type: Free
Operating System: Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 7
Developers:BlueStacks App Player.
File Name: BlueStacks-Installer_4.80.0.1060_amd64_native.exe
File Size: 467 MB

BlueStacks App Player 5.5.10 Free Download 32/64bit

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