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Free Video Call Recorder (or FVCR) is “the first free Skype video call recorder on the planet for recording the Skype calls with no limitations. It is a straightforward, lightweight program that accompanies three unique settings: Record all sides (picture-in-picture), Record opposite sides just, and Record sound as it were. Upon my absolute first attempt with the first set, I previously experienced a slight constraint: You can’t record video at all if the opposite side didn’t turn the video on. This implies there’s no real way to record your own video with the sound discussion. You can simply click the record catch when a video is off, and it will naturally begin recording when it’s turned on.

Free Video Call Recorder for Skype is free software that records your calls that are consisted of audio and video calls. It is very simple to utilize: simply open the program and Skype will likewise open. Presently you just need to begin a discussion and push the red catch. You can stop and restart the chronicle whenever. Free Video Call Recorder for Skype enables you to record as in three distinct modes: demonstrating the two sides of the discussion, indicating just the opposite side or just account the video. Final word is, Free video Call Recorder can enable you to record both types of calling either video or audio and this tool is best for this task. If there must talk about its limitations, two features must be added. One is enabling users to choose different ways of recording qualities and some kind of notification reminding me whether I’m recording or not. Because after the slightest disconnections, people forgot to start again the recording. That is why there must be a notification.


  • It is simple, lightweight.
  • It is a free software application.
  • It also records both video and audio.
  • Includes a convenient pause option.
Title: Free Video Call Recorder
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License Type: Free
Operating System: Windows 10,8.1,7
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Free Video Call Recorder Free Download

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