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Bandicam screen recorder is a lightweight program that enables the users to capture whatever is happening on their full or certain area of computer screens in terms of videos and images. Bandicam Screen Recorder is a very simple to operate a program that even the most beginners can use it easily. To capture the videos or pictures, users need to define the options of codec, framerate, and quality only. Also, they will have to select the area they want to record as well. Users can resize the area that is being captured or select one of the available formats between 4:3 and 16:9 and from 320×240 to 1280×720,

The free version is available for users to test the majority of functions such as recording the games without any cost before bwell?g the full program. For instance, the users can test the function of video recording on the free version but the videos are shown with a watermark in the free version and to remove the watermark, the user will have to purchase the registration of the Bandicam screen recorder. The registered version also gives access to RGB24 with the by default MagicYUV Lossless codec to users which is not accessible in the free version. Nonetheless, users can get a grip on the functions and features that adorns the full program through the free version.

Bandicam very efficiently makes the videos of the games that are being played on the computer screen and the result is also very clear. YouTubers can capture their games through Bandicam Screen Recorder to share on their YouTube channels. Bandicam enables gamers to not just record their games but empowers them to boost their skills in a very high resolution that is up to 2560×1600 and they can directly share this high-quality video directly on their YouTube channels in 720p and 1080p. Moreover, Bandicam not just records the visuals but also captures the audio and that also in a very easy way and with excellent results. Bandicam captures the game with a high compression ratio and keeps the quality of video like the original. All in all, it gives the performance that is better than any other similar app available in the market.

The software is compatible with apps and games using DirectX, Vulkan, and OpenGL for the graphics like Minecraft, Skyrim, and World of Warcraft. Bandicam allows the users to change the number of their screen frames in each second. It also enables the users to select the video in MPEG-1, MJPEG and Ovid formats, audio in MPEG-1 Layer II and PCM formats, codecs and to select keyboard shortcuts. Bandicam, enables the users to take a screenshot of the computer screen and save it in the form of BMP, JPG and PNG image format and then to program the show at regular intervals.

The simple and easy to understand user interface doesn’t let the users encounter any kind of issues during working on it. However, in case of any issue, users can access Bandicam’s website where full assistance regarding the program is available for the learners. Bandicam has the ability to compress the video when it is recording them and therefore utilizes much lower CPU/GPU/RAM. Moreover, it completely supports the hardware accelerated h.264 encoder of NVENC/CUDA Nvidia, AMD VCE and Intel Quick Sync video and which makes it possible for the video to get recorded in very high speed, in excellent quality, and with high compression ratio. All this results in less lag and saved space in CPU and HDD. Bandicam is capable of supporting AVI 2.0 and the maximum size of the file is unlimited as long as local Hard Disk possesses some free space.

Bandicam shows FPS number at a corner of the screen when it is activated in the mode of ‘Game Recording’. It also records the webcam stream simultaneously and then merges it with the game that is being played on screen or any other thing of which screen recording is happening. It can be called Picture in picture and Video in Video recording. Users can record for more than 24 hours without any hurdle. The entire recording function can be done on auto mode as well. Due to its high tech functionality, users will experience less time as compared to other game capturing software.

Moreover, Bandicam is capable of supporting the effects of a mouse click. A function empowers the users to draw in real-time drawing so the users can draw boxes, lines and even highlight a specific area during the recording of a computer screen. Bandicam can also remove the background of a webcam very easily and make a chroma key-based video in real-time during the time when recording is being done. When overlay functions of the webcam and chroma key are used with the recording of audio on microphone then the Bandicam screen recorder becomes the ideal screen recording program for creating video-based tutorials or game sharing platforms for YouTubers and gamers.


  • Two modes to capture screen.
  • Capable of resizing the area being captured.
  • Supports various formats and codecs.
  • Simple and easy but very powerful functions.
  • Free version available for testing most of the features.
  • Clear and sharp results.
  • Captures audio along with the visuals.
  • Capture videos on high resolution up to 2560×1600.
  • Compatible with DirectX, Vulkan and OpenGL technologies.
  • Users can change the number of frames per second.
  • Save screenshots in the form of PNG, JPEG and BMP formats.
  • User-friendly interface. Free assistance available on the website of Bandicam.
  • The recorded file size is smaller than other similar software available in the market because Bandicam compresses the video.
  • Simultaneously records screen content and the web came stream.
  • Records for more than 24 hours.
  • Capable of auto-recording.
  • Supports mouse click effects.
  • Supports AV. 2.0.
  • Overlay functions of webcam stream, microphone audio and chroma key video for video and gaming tutorials.
Title: Bandicam Screen Recorder
Added OnJune 27, 2019 9:16 pm
Updated OnOctober 6, 2019 2:03 am
License Type: Trial
Operating System: Windows 10,8.1,7
Developers:Bandicam Company
File Name: bdcamsetup.exe
File Size: 17.83 MB

Bandicam Screen Recorder Free Download 32/64bit

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