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Android Studio 3.2 Free Download

Android Studio is the awesome IDE for Android application developers. As with other integrated development environments, Android Studio’s developers releases latest versions day by day to improve Android Developer’s interaction. Android Developer’s love its latest creative features. Let us review some previous releases i.e. Android Studio 3.0. Android Studio 3.0 provides you App Support, enhanced profiler support, advanced Container Layout support. Android Studio 3.0 has provided users the support new languages i.e. Kotlin. Android studio 3.0 has provided users with faster built time. Android Studio 3.0.1 is more stable and scalable as compared to previous releases. Also, provide support about Android Instant App and more Layout Editor Improvements. As when we talk about Android Studio 3.1.1 it is the successor version of 3.0. Android Studio 3.1.1 is availed by developers in May 2018. Kotlin is more upgraded to version 1.2.30. Android Studio 3.1.1 lets running lint from CMD-Line to analyze your Kotlin classes. Hence if you talk about Android Studio 3.1.3 it has the more stable channel as compared to previous releases.

As you may have in the knowledge that Android Studio 3.2 is been available in the market on 8 May 2018. The new Studio comes with amazing features i.e. Android App Bundle, Android Jetpack etc. Android Studio 3.2 has composing advanced Android Jetpack solution. I may increase your knowledge about Jetpack. Jetpack composed of a set of libraries, architectural guidance. It also includes new helping developer tools that you should use in order to create the application with ease and quickly. Jetpack help you in infrastructure code, due to this you can make your application more creative and unique. Android Studio 3.2 composed of rich tools that help Jetpack libraries in order to create stunning and creative apps.

In the Android Studio 3.2 the canary fourteen release provide huge support in App Modeling, it is due to the new Android App bundle. Android Studio 3.2 now supports slices. Using slices you can add portions of your app content in some another UI surfaces in any Android OS. Now it composed of the new assistant panel. When you do an update, a new assistant panel opens automatically in order to inform you about the latest changes that are happened to the Android IDE. In performance profiler suite the energy profiler may let developers understand the energy impact of your created application with Android Device at which your app is running.


  • Android Studio 3.2 has a faster UI and built time as compared to the previous release i.e. Android Studio 3.1.
  • Android Studio 3.2 now comes with the stunning user-friendly interface.
  • This latest release will let developers to create a new App Bundle and to publish it on Play store without changing in code.
  • In this release, it should do ultra-fast Android Emulator Snapshots.
  • Now it provides users a well-designed and well-managed navigational structure between screens in your workplace application.
  • Now in Android Studio, 3.2 material design is more updated and enhanced.
  • In CPU Profiler libraries you have System Trace features that let developers see clearly how your app interact with your system resources in detail.
  • Now include AndroidX refactoring and slices support.
  • In Android Studio 3.2 the new navigational editor allows developers to create XML resources when you have in need.
  • New Assistant Panel is been added that help users to notify about the updates happenings.
  • It now composed of IntelliJ 2018.1 platform version, it should help developers in partial git commit support, data flow analysis etc.
  • New Energy profiler is been included.
  • R8 optimizer is now used instead of ProGuard in build process because R8 will do faster build as compared to ProGuard.
  • Now you may use Android Emulator in any case for purpose of Screen Record.
Title: Android Studio 3.2 Free Download
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Android Studio 3.2 Free Download

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