Adobe XD 2020

Adobe XD 2020 also is known as Adobe Experience Design is basically a highly efficient User Experience and User interface software. With the rich tools, valuable services, and Adobe’s market experience to back it up, Adobe XD 2020 empowers its users to create vector-based amazing graphics for modern web-based apps, mobile apps, and websites. You may visit the official website of Adobe XD.

Adobe XD 2020 – Review

Adobe XD 2020 is a promising application for UX designing with Adobe’s stamp on it which in itself is a guarantee of its efficiency? With a user-friendly layout and simple-to-understand options, Adobe XD 2020 supports the designers of all levels to start their work in a generous design area and implement their creative ideas to the maximum extent. Moreover, it is yet under the process of further development which promises that there is a lot more to come. Adobe Experience Design possesses lots of potentials and therefore it’s a most wished product mainly among UX designers.

Adobe XD 2020 – Features

Main utility

When it comes to designing an app or website then it takes a lot to bring your ideas to the final product as per your desire and there are several important stages to do so. Prototyping and quality check are also parts of those important stages which are immensely supported by Adobe XD. With the help of this app, UX designers can control and manage the interactive content and therefore can eventually enhance the end experience of users.

This means that using this app which is particularly designed to help UX designers, it becomes possible time to design new content and moreover, designers can preview the way it will be experienced by the end-users.  In nutshell, generating mockups are now much easier for the designers, thanks to Adobe XD. This ability support client feedback and collaboration within teams.

Live preview and multiple target platforms

In order to begin a new project, users are needed to select a new artboard which is referred to as selecting a target platform. In this software, users are able to select multiple target platforms at a time. They are also able to see the live preview of the environment that will be eventually experienced by website visitors. Users can keep their preview window open when they are working. This way, they will be able to preview the changes that are being made on the platform in real-time.

Pan and zoom and export

Adobe XD 2020 is basically optimized for devices that possess the feature of touch screens. Therefore, the users can zoom and pan easily by either using their fingertips or by pressing the tabs of Ctrl, arrows, and space. Likewise, they can also handle the objects conveniently and export the assets for further utilization. Assets can also be exported in the form of PNG files for further web designing and production. They can be also exported in the same format to Android and iOS platforms.

Graphical content

The toolbox of this application enables the users to add geometrical shapes in the design along with lines, text boxes, and imported graphical contents. Users can also manipulate each object quite intuitively by dragging and dropping and using the menu from right-click.

Customizable appearance

In Adobe XD 2020, users are empowered to change the objects’ appearances by adding shadows and borders, adjusting opacity, and altering alignment. The objects can be rotated as well without much effort while a list can be formed with grouped rectangles by extending them. This way they will give the look at articles that appears above each other on blog websites.

Enhances collaboration

One of the main purposes of Adobe Experience Design or AKA Adobe XD 2020 is to enhance collaboration among team members by bringing them closer and helping them in creating compelling apps with utilizing their creativity to the full extent of this software solution.

Adobe XD 2020 – Technical Details

Title: Adobe XD 2020
Added OnDecember 29, 2021 6:07 am
Updated OnDecember 29, 2021 11:14 am
Version: 2020
License Type: Freeware
Operating System: Windows
File Name: XD_Set-Up.exe, XD_Set-Up.exe
File Size: 2.04 MB, 2.04 MB

Adobe XD 2020 Free Download 32/64bit

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