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Windows 95 was the most outstanding Operating System developed by Microsoft. Windows OS comes out in public around about 32 years ago. Windows has become the first most useful and beloved OS by its users almost all over the world. Windows is the product of Microsoft, after a lot of effort by the Microsoft Developers. Microsoft release OS Windows 95 in July 1995. This OS became famous and considered as most responsive and easy to use in its era. This OS has launched with outstanding huge enhancements in Windows 3.1.

Dear Readers as we may increase your knowledge that this OS is shown highly improvement in GUI and plug-n-play feature. This OS is fully compatible with both 16-bit and 32-bit Operating Systems. Windows 95 is more user-friendly, more interesting and easier to install. Now this OS also introduces human interactive components. That may include interactive Taskbar, eye-catching Start Button Menu and many more. This release comes with a newer Desktop composed of shortcuts, system icons such as My Computer, Recycle Bin, etc.

It also brought more colors, enhanced multimedia capabilities, and TCP/IP network support. This version of Windows introduced Direct X and Direct 3D, which made Windows gaming possible for more demanding games. Prior to that only simple games, such as Solitaire, could be played on a Windows PC without exiting to DOS. This Operating System has many features so that it and it can be run on a simple PC. This OS is reliable and helps to improve system performance as compared to previous Operating Systems. Users can download its official genuine Window by accepting a license from Microsoft Official Website. Now it provides its users built-in network support with dial-up for various protocols. New pop-up menu by pressing right-button of the mouse has been introduced, that composed of tools such as Copy, Paste, Help, Properties, etc.


  • Windows 95 is an outstanding user-friendly Operating System.
  • This OS is the most reliable and scalable as compared to previous Windows 3.1.
  • Now Windows 95 supports filenames that may include almost 255-characters.
  • It comes with enhanced multimedia capabilities and brings more colors in order to make more interactive to its users.
  • Windows 95 provides it uses power collaboration and advanced security and control.
  • It composed of well-managed UI components with completely a new interface.
  • Virtual File Allocation System(VTAF) has been launched in this OS that should support long files.
  • It now consisting of enhanced windows control and appearance.
  • This OS was compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures.
  • Start Menu now come with amazing new tools.
  • Windows 95 gathers the huge number of peoples from overall the world towards Computers technology.
  • Now users feel comfortable to use such Operating System because of its interactive user interface.
  • Now introduced a new right mouse button menu.
  • Built-in Network support has been introduced for users.
  • This Edition of Windows introduced to Direct X and Direct 3D. These software tools provide users gaming platform.
  • Windows 95 can work with high focus on Web integration.
  • Windows 95 comes with huge security improvements as compared to Windows 3.1.
  • Now is able to run more complex and difficult programs and tasks with ease.
Title: Windows 95 ISO Free Download
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Windows 95 ISO Free Download 32/64bit

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