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Windows 8 pro was released on August 1, 2012, which is just after the Windows 7 release. Windows 8 pro is released by adding many new features and upgrade/enhance the previous features. As the previous version has bugs and issues of configuration and installation so that’s why the new version was released. Windows 8 pro was same like windows 7 professional and windows 7 ultimate features vise but this version added many new features that are Remote Desktop connections, windows server domain, virtual hard disk boot, windows media center, encrypting file system, group policy, Hyper-V all these functionalities are just provided in this version. Microsoft was founded on 4 April 1975 in New Mexico, United States whose CEO is Bill Gates, Paul Allen but after some time Bill Gates was only the CEO of Microsoft. Microsoft develop the products and the windows are also developed by Microsoft Company.

Windows 8 is released for both the desktop users and for tablet or notebook users so they get the touch effect and get user-friendly interface and effect. Windows 8 Pro has the store for applications to download and install it. About everything we need we can search, get download and install them on a system. Windows 8 pro store is the new concept of the cell phones have the store same as in windows 8 pro has it. It has a startup screen that can be achieved by pressing the windows key and get the screen which has an awesome interface where the desktop, mail, weather forecast and applications which are installed on the computer system are listed here. A quick search was available to search for the things in it.

It was released after Windows 7 so it has improvements as the development team sit together and upgrade Windows 7, enhance the things so obviously the performance as a whole improves. The team works on it so the performance speed of startup improves as windows quickly startup, switch between one application and other quickly.  Windows improves the security system as windows defender was installed and the windows firewall was also updated. You can purchase the product key of this Operating System from the Windows official website as they are still providing the serial keys. They also provide the support if the user is using the windows serial key if the user faces some sort of problem then they can call the support team they will help you out.

Features of Windows 8 Pro

  • Lightweight: It is lightweight so the performance speed improves either on startup or other programs.
  • Security: It is secure as the windows defender and firewall is improved so the hackers cannot get into the system.
  • Graphics: It has improved graphics so that the user can play games and watch videos easily.
  • Store: windows store was introduced where you can download and install the applications.
  • Remote desktop: Many new features are added and the remote desktop was one of them as mentioned above.
  • Home screen: Press windows button you will get the list of programs and quick view programs.
  • Search Applications: you can search for any application that is installed on the computer by just typing in the search bar.
  • Settings: Your computer settings, network setting, power, connectivity, etc all are in the settings.
  • Store: Windows 8 introduced the online store where you can get any application that you require.
  • Folder view options: More options to control the folders and applications in a drive.
  • Multiple screens: Multiple screens on one desktop can be and also multiple desktops can be open where the multiple programs also can be viewed.
Title: Windows 8 Pro ISO
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Version: 8 Pro
Category: MAC
License Type: Free Trial
Operating System: Windows 8 Pro
Developers:Microsoft Inc
File Name: en_windows_8_1_pro_vl_x32_x64_dvd_2971948.iso
File Size: 3.59 GB

Windows 8 Pro ISO Free Download 32/64bit


    1. both are different with respect to their features. Pro version has more features as compared to windows 8.1. But the 8.1 is the latest release and has more stable development. Inshort 8.1 is latest version as compared to 8 Pro.

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