It is a tool that is designed to add a plethora of high-quality effects to the webcam feeds. It helps the creative users out there in adding cool effects in their webcam videos while they are having a live video chat or streaming.

Utility fundamentals

With webcam mac, users can add cool effects in their webcam feeds and video streams. For instance, in live chat, users can appear with cat eyes or as two-headed creatures in front of their friends. WebcamMax works as virtual webcam as well and shows pictures, videos, computer screens, and even multiple webcam videos to the people with whom the users are chatting on live chat. Users can jump between the different sources with just a click and they can simultaneously use their webcams as well on multiple apps through this. The tool makes live video chat a more fun activity than it was before.

Extensive support

WebcamMax provides support to a wide range of webcam programs including Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo chat, Skype, Ustream, YouTube, ICQ, Paltalk, Camfrog, and JustinTV. Users can also capture snapshots and videos directly with WebcamMax and to share them on social media sites such as YouTube and Facebook.


Through the doodling tool, users can add loads of self-inflicted effects. For instance, they can paint the wall of the window in which the video is being run. They can put stamps from dozens that are provided with the tool. Moreover, users can easily broadcast a variety of sources at one time with the feature of Picture in Picture.


WebcamMax is compatible with a wide range of Webcam source sizes including 352×288, 640X480, 320X240 and 640×360. This way, the users can meet their needs of different types.

Wide range of effects

WebcamMax provides thousands of intriguing and fun effects to its users that they can use in their video streams and live video chats. Users can opt for one of the many effects such as water mosaic, fire, smileys, distorting mirrors and lots more. There is also a very interesting effect of magic masks as well

which automatically moves with the movement of users’ head and is very interesting and intriguing on video chats.

Besides, the effects that come with the app, users can acquire additional effects from All in all, users can add fun effects in their web cam content by getting access to1200 effects available on World Wide Web and that also toy free of cost.

Virtual Webcam

This feature enables the user to share their videos, live computer screens and pictures through Instant Messenger without using physical webcam

Easy Sharing

With WebcamMax, users can directly share their photos on Facebook and videos on YouTube and that also with cool effects.


Just like WebcamMax helps the users to enhance their visibility in easiest way, it helps them to maintain their privacy with the same ease. If a user does not want his ot her contacts to see him or her then that users can utilize any of the videos that is stored in the hard disk in place of the webcam image.

Regular Update

The developers of WebcamMax believe in innovation and therefore they bring out new versions with lots of enhancements, fixes and additions in the features and effects of WebcamMax. Users are always kept updated about these editions so they can acquire the latest versions and enjoy the enhanced features with new added effects.

If we describe WebcamMax iin a nutshell, then it is a total fun application that adds spice on video chats by adding different effects to a standard webcam video recording. The features like doodling and picture in picture are the spice of this app. With WebcamMax, users can have sole fun with their webcam activities without any effort or money.

Title: WebcamMax
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WebcamMax Free Download 32/64bit

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