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Project Professional 2013

Microsoft Project Professional is the software application that is developed by Microsoft and it is released after the Microsoft Project Professional 2010. There are three versions available in the market for a project that are project 2010, 2013, and 2016 and all the versions are released with the enhanced features and added many new features so to improve from the previous release. There are two different editions of each version that are project professional and the second is Project Standard. Both the editions are available for both architectures of the operating system that project professional/standard 32 bit and project professional/standard 64 bit.

This software application is part of the Microsoft Office family. This software is designed for managers to manage projects, principles, tasks, and assignments. It is one of the best tools that are used by project managers to manage the project modules, functions, task assigns, and the team and its members that which task is assigned to which team member and the project delivery date. So the manager has a detailed record of each and every task that is assigned to the team member and the team lead.

The installation process of the project professional is simple and easy just like the other installation it also has some basics steps to follow and continue the installation process that’s it. After the installation process, a welcome screen appears and then you can start it. You just need to have to know a little bit about it and else the things will be familiar by using this software.

The Project Professional 2013 has an interactive and gorgeous user interface and also it has the auto notification alert and you can send the notification by setting the time frame on the task. When you change something then every member that is in the assigned task will be notified automatically. This project professional 2013 has the web view also where the user can view the edited messages, and detail it some things change in the project. In the project 2013, the new features include the Reports, Trace task paths, and Sharing every feature has the detail that is described below in feature sections.

Project Professional 2013 Features

  • You can view the detailed reports either in graphical interface or statistical.
  • The trace task paths allow the link chain highlight for the task. When we select one parent task/module then the subtasks will be highlighted also.
  • The sharing of the project/product report with any other can easily be done now.
  • The user interface is more nicely designed.
  • Easy to access the features as the new ribbon is installed in the version.
  • Automatic notification to the task assigned members.
  • The web-based application helps the user to get in touch with the other members and everyone is aware of the task changes.
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