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Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus released date is 28 June 2011 on the market for sale. This is the software application that is developed by Microsoft for windows operating system users. There are billions of Microsoft users that are using the different product. So company divided the people into different groups and make the different editions for different users to use the product accordingly. Like Office 365 home premium edition and office 365 Pro Plus free download edition likewise the OS has different editions Windows Home, Ultimate, Professionals, Enterprise, educations etc. Every edition is for different users like educations edition is for school and college users, and the enterprise for business users.

The office 365 Pro Plus is the new edition released for the customers that include the package of the software applications. This software package includes the MS Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Excel, OneNote, Lync, Publisher, and Access. This is the full version applications where you can manage 25 users at a time while you are using the trial version account. To check the license of office 365 pro plus that is it active or not you need the internet connection. You can install the one license on about 5 different computer systems. One of the important points is that it has different languages support to the users.

There are a number of tutorials available that teaches How to use the Office 365 Pro Plus. The blogs are written to teach the office 365, video tutorials on YouTube, and also a number of institutes providing the training and certifications to Office 365 learning. The languages support are Arabic, Chinese with two edition (Simplified and traditional), Dutch, Finnish, French, English, German, Japanese, Norwegian (Bokmål), Hebrew, Italian, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish, Hungarian, Polish, Swedish, Danish, Hindi, Portuguese (Portugal), Czech, Turkish, Greek, Romanian, Thai, Ukrainian also.

The new feature introduced in this office version that you can save the files either on your computer after writing the document in your desired program. Then you can save that file on your computer or on the cloud if you have an internet connection. The cloud file storing system is one of the best applications that is basically the backup of your file and cannot be damaged if you face even any problem.


  • This office edition installation is easy and quickly.
  • The basic features all are included in this edition.
  • The nice, interactive and great user interface is introduced that is user-friendly.
  • This office can be installed on a number of different computers also.
  • The important feature that you can save the office Pro Plus files on the computer and on the cloud.
  • You can change the download office 365 Pro Plus settings and that can be on the other computer accessed from the cloud.
  • The 2017 version of office 365 has the email security also.
  • The new features introduced like a new navigation menu.
Title: Office 365 Pro Plus
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Version: 365 Pro Plus
Category: Windows 7
License Type: Trail
Operating System: Windows 10, 8.1, 7
Developers:Microsoft Inc.
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Office 365 Pro Plus Free Download

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