NordVPN one of those programs which offer VPN service to empower their users to surf and browse on the World Wide Web with complete anonymity and security. With the increasing demand for online security and privacy, known developers are constantly launching the new innovative programs and updated version of their old products to provide top-notch online security to internet users. This VPN service is equally effective for streaming, torrenting, P2P and accessing those websites as well that are blocked in a region according to the local internet legislations.

NordVPN has a very large network of servers including more than 5800 servers that utilize Open VPN protocol along with AES 256 bit encryption which provides double data protection as per the standard of the current market requirement. The working of NordVPN is simple to understand. When a VPN is switched on, an encrypted tunnel is created between the host computer and a server that is controlled by the switched-on VPN service.

All internet traffic on the host computer is then routed via this tunnel which results into the fact that no one can intrude or sneak in your networking activities, not even the people who are on the same network as you. The service also protects the computer from malicious network operators that can intercept the sensitive information of users or can use the tricky technique of DNS poisoning to deceive the users into visiting the phishing pages. NordVPN services provide protection to users from their internet service providers as well who can monitor the web traffic of users.

It is very important in the scenario when internet service providers or ISPs can vend anonymous user data as well. NordVPN has the capability to serve on almost all the popular operating systems including Windows, iOS, Mac, Android, AndroidTV, Linux, Chrome and Firefox with respective versions of application but the VPN service also provide detailed tutorials regarding protocol connectivity for these operating systems along with 40 other mobile operating systems, routers and Raspberry Pi’s.

NordVPN has several useful features that are the hallmark of a competent VPN service provider. A very powerful feature Kill Switch adorns NordVPN to automatically kill the internet connection of users if the connectivity of their VPN is interrupted. This instant disconnection blocks the host device and terminates certain harmful programs to be accessed via the internet. Another feature is DNS Leak Protection which is useful in scenarios when users have manually set up their VPN connection or have reset their Windows or any other OS recently because in this situation the user’s system is prone to the DNS leaks. When these DNS requests are completely unprotected, the DNS leak protection of NordVPN implements measures to save your system and negate these kinds of leaks. Onion Over VPN is a very powerful tool of NordVPN that provides extra protection particularly for those who wish to browse dark web such as TOR network. NordVPN empowers its users to route their traffic through the program provided VPN first and then send it to Onion Router. SmartPlay is also a technology in NordVPN which ensures that users can access over 400 geo-restricted websites.

It can be conveniently said that when it comes to VPN services then it’s difficult to find anything that can beat NordVPN due to its very diverse and large collection of over 5800 servers, a handy collection of modern features, strong security and privacy functions and approachable clients for all the major platforms. A free day 7-day trial is available for users so they can see for themselves that what NordVPN is actually offering.


  • Hides IP address.
  • Provides access to Netflix.
  • Allows to torrent and P2P.
  • Contains Ad-blocker.
  • Provides DoubleVPN servers to encrypts the data twice.
  • More than 5800 secure and fast servers in around 60 countries.
  • Maximum 6 simultaneous connections.
  • Kill Switch.
  • DNS Leak Protection.
  • Onion Over VPN.
  • SmartPlay.
  • Free 7 day trial package.
Title: NordVPN
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NordVPN Free Download 32/64bit

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