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It is a nano antivirus that is a brand new product. Nano is the name and it is basically named for small. The file is not small, it takes space on the drive. It is a graphical user interface and has many features. Also, It is a beta version released in the market and it is free of cost. It is developed by the Russian company and it is used to find the threats from the computer system files. A number of features but all of those features are normally present in all other antivirus software applications. It has the Actions features where it will complete system test, scan objects, show the last complete test data, and settings. Next is the Update feature, that you can easily update the Nano antivirus software easily from the updates notifications.

Next one is the Express system test that consists of scanning objects, last test date, and settings. It also contains the removable media test. That means you can scan your UDB, Flash drive easily and can scan to send the antivirus to other computers. The System Guard is the next feature that consists of options where you can set the file guard to enable. It will continuously watch the files, that will it contains the malware in the file or not. Also, It allows the web guard, which will protect your computer system from the spam websites, that try to hijack the browser, cookies or try to attempt the theft of passwords. It also provides the basic tutorial information to the users. That how to use the Nano Antivirus Software application and explore the features.

Nano Antivirus Features

  • It detects the malware inside the files.
  • It will detect all type of malware in the system.
  • Also, it has enhanced the user interface in the new update.
  • You can change the customization settings.
  • Highspeed performance.
  • They also provide technical support for the Pro version.
  • It works for the Microsoft Windows operating system.
  • The game mode where the player can play the game without any distraction.
Title: Nano Antivirus Free Download
Added OnFebruary 19, 2016 11:41 pm
Updated OnSeptember 16, 2019 4:10 pm
Version: Latest
Category: Development Tools
License Type: Freeware
Operating System: Windows 10, 7, 8, 8.1, XP and Vista
Developers:Nano Inc
File Name: setup.exe
File Size: 9.84 MB

Nano Antivirus Free Download 32/64bit

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