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LibreOffice 6.2.4

LibreOffice 6.2.4 is a complete office suite application by The Document Foundation which was full-fledged launched in 2010. The complete package of LibreOffice suite includes programs that cover word processing, spreadsheet management, and creation, creation and management of slideshows, drawings and diagrams. It enables users to work with databases and compose and perform mathematical formulae. LibreOffice supports 115 languages and a number of operating systems including Windows, macOS, while it functions as a default office app 9f operating system Linux. A separate application in form of LibreOffice Viewer is also available for Androids and LibreOffice Online application can be used as well in the form of a web-based office suite.

Coverage of LibreOffice Office Suite, Writer: the writer is the word processor that has similar functions and sole support system as MS Word. Libre writer has extensive capabilities to be used as a word processor while it can be used as a primary text editor as well. Calc: It is a branch of LibreOffice that is used to manage and create spreadsheets as we do in MS Excel. Its numerous unique capabilities include a system to define a series of graphs automatically based on the available information.

Impress: Impress functions similarly to MS PowerPoint to manage and create presentations in the form of slideshows. The presentation created in this application can be swiftly exported to SWF files enabling the users to view them on any computer with Adobe Flash Player. Draw: It is a vector graphics editor and diagramming tool similar to Microsoft Visio and comparable in features to early versions of Corel Draw. It provides connectors between shapes, which are available in a range of line styles and facilitate building drawings such as flowcharts. It also includes features similar to desktop publishing software such as Scribus and Microsoft Publisher.[25] It is also able to act as a PDF-file editor.

Math: It is an application that is designed mainly for editing and even creating mathematical formulae. Libre Maths uses a variation of XML to create formulas that can be incorporated with other documents present in one of the applications of the LibreOffice suite. Base: It is a program that is designed to manage a database and is similar to MS Access. LibreOffice Base enables the users to create and manage databases along with preparing the reports and forms and reports that enable the users to access the data easily. It can also be used to design databases with small embedment that are stored with document files. It can also be used as a front end for a variety of database systems in case of more demanding tasks.

LibreOffice is capable of using the GStreamer multimedia framework to render multimedia content like videos in Libre Impress and programs of the Office suite. Libre Office has clear visibility as it uses large icons in “Tango style” to display the shortcuts for applications, quick launching icons, icons for the associated files and the icons on the toolbars of LibreOffice.They are used on menus and toolbars by default as well. LibreOffice incorporated multiple themes for icons to align with the look and feel of some particular desktop platforms, such as Colibri in Windows. LibreOffice ships with an altered theme as well which looks intrinsic on Linux distributions that are based on GTK. It also extracts fonts through Cairo on Linux distributions which indicate that text items in LibreOffice are condensed to the same as the Linux desktop. In the newer version of LibreOffice, a ribbon-style GUI is also included which is called Notebook bag and has three various views.


  • Various features to enhance word processing such as a feature called Font work which is similar to WordArt of MS Word.
  • Classic and valuable Toolbars.
  • Themes of Icon.
  • Personalization in many features can be done.
  • Contextual Menu.
  • HiDPI.
  • Integration of many languages.
  • Enhancements in language support and proofing tools.
  • Improved tools to fix Bugs.
Title: LibreOffice 6.2.4
Added OnJune 12, 2019 12:07 am
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Version: 6.2.4
License Type: Free
Operating System: Windows 10,8.1,7
File Name: LibreOffice_6.2.4_Win_x64.msi
File Size: 282 MB

LibreOffice 6.2.4 Free Download 32/64bit

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