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Photoscape 3.7

Photoscape 3.7 is a free-of-cost and unique solution for image editing. It has everything that you want to have while doing any work related to images. The PhotoScape 3.7 features and tools are powerful for the pros to use then in their photo editing and yet they are also very simple to use so even a novice finds it easy to understand apply in their editing work.

Although, Photoscape 3.7 is not a full-fledged software when it comes to painting it possesses more than enough features and tools to empower users that they can easily and effectively modify the existing images in every creative way that they want to. Its major features and services are discussed below for the benefit of readers’ understanding g of this highly powerful and effective software. You may like to visit the official website.

Photoscape 3.7 – Review

PhotoScape 3.7 is a solution that includes all the tools that an image editor may possibly need to work with the images. The software covers everything related to image editing from adding effects and optimizing to more after editing tasks such as organizing, sharing, and printing. You may like to download Snagit 2022.

Photoscape 3.7 – Features

Compatibility with formats

Like a high-profile professional photo editing software, It provides support for almost all the popular image formats of the current era including the RAW files to the most popular PNG and JPEG formats. Moreover, it also supports animated GIFs.

Easy installation

The downloading and installation process of PhotoScape is totally hassle-free and very quick. The only thing that you need to pay attention to is to look for the other programs that the installation wizard sometimes bundles with the main installation which you can easily remove.

Other than that the installation wizard quickly and without any hurdle guides you through the simple steps of installation for a smooth and speedy start of PhotoScape.

Unique interface

The start-up page of the app is however somewhat odd to look at with a large size image on the right and nothing on the left, but once you select an option the goodness will disappear. On the unique interface of PhotoScape, you will come across the two ways to interact with the options of photo editing i-e either you can click one of the many icons placed around the main icon of PhotoScape 3.7 or you can access the features and tools via various tabs that are scattered at the top of the screen.

You can also directly opt for one of the language options given on the main screen and also can explore the options of various other software from the developers of PhotoScape such as VideoBlend for Mac, PhotoScape X, Morning kit for Android, etc.

Main features

Photoscape 3.7 is full of features to edit an image effectively and efficiently but the major ones are listed below to give a good insight into the app:


This feature shows your images in your folder and helps you in creating a slideshow.


With the editor, you can resize, brighten, adjust color, balance the whiteness, perform backlight correction, make frames, add balloons, use mosaic mode, add texts, draw pictures, crop images, add filters, remove red-eye, perform blooming, use a paintbrush, add clone stamp, and add brush effect in the pictures.

Batch Editor

With this feature, you can edit more than one picture at a time.


These features merge multiple images on the page frame to acquire an ultimate picture.


This feature attaches multiple images horizontally and vertically to create a final picture.

Animated GIF

You can make a catchy animated picture by using the technique of animated GIF on multiple pictures of your choice.


This enables users to print portrait images, CDV (carte de visites), and passport photos.


It slices and image into pieces so you can either separate them or use them for different effects.

Color picker

This image picks up the required color from the image and helps you to zoom in on the image.

Screen Capture

The user can capture the screenshot.

Rename Images

Rename feature to change the name of an image file and change them in batch mode, a Raw Converter to convert RAW to JPG, Face Search to search similar faces on the Internet, and much more.

Photoscape 3.7 – Technical Details

Title: Photoscape 3.7
Added OnJanuary 13, 2022 5:42 am
Updated OnSeptember 27, 2023 10:18 pm
Version: 3.7
License Type: Freeware
Operating System: Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7
Developers:Photoscape Inc.
File Name: photoscapesetup_v3.7.exe
File Size: 20.05 MB

Photoscape 3.7 Free Download 32/64bit

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