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Download Autodesk Maya 2015 is a 3D modeling software to Design the 3D Animated,  offers artists a comprehensive creative toolset. These tools provide a starting point to realize your vision in modeling, animation, lighting, and VFX. There are several Autodesk Maya tutorials available on blogs, forums where people share their issues and got help from other users/experts, video courses available on different platforms like youtube, Dailymotion, or personal websites. Autodesk is self-provide the quick guide to starting working in it from beginner to expert level.

Autodesk Maya 2015 3D is an animation software tool that is built comprehensively and having rich features. The main features are 3D animation, simulation, modeling, and designing the new great product. This is used for animation characteristics, graphics, designs, backgrounds, etc. This designing software is used to design 3D animated cartoons, movies, video games, TV serials, and different effects. It runs on the macOS, Linux and Windows platform. Autodesk Maya is developed by Autodesk Inc. that is an organization developer working on the designing tools. You can make characters in it and then you can make then move from one scene to others.

Autodesk is an American multinational software organization and also develop software for the community. They are developing the software for Architectural, Engineers, Construction, media, and designers. This company was founded on 30 January 1982. Every year Autodesk releases the new version of the software’s likewise the download Maya 2015 is also updated and release the new version. The new version has enhanced many features and added new features. Now you can select any custom color that you like to choose in designing. Design the scenes and you can then move your character in that area to make motion effects. More control features in a liquid object like the shark in the water or the waves in the sea etc.

Autodesk Maya 2015 Features

  • Walk tool that allows animated characters to move and create more effects.
  • More control over the fluid materials also.
  • Manipulator plane handles.
  • Can destroy the design created by apply physics that create more effects that used in the animation movies.
  • Multi-touch support.
  • More control of the texture decoration also.
  • Face and edge selection support are updated.
  • Adaptive Aero solver in Bifrost.
  • Bifrost procedural effects platform also.
  • XGen Arbitrary Primitive Generator.
  • Bullet Physics that help the creation and destruction of an object by applying the animation effects.
  • Maya nHair.
  • The Maya nParticles.
  • There is Maya nCloth.
  • Maya Fluid Effects.
Title: Download Autodesk Maya 2015
Added OnSeptember 30, 2015 7:54 pm
Updated OnSeptember 11, 2019 9:49 pm
Version: 2015
License Type: Free Trial
Operating System: Windows 10, 7, XP, Vista, 8.1, and 8
Developers:Autodesk Inc
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Download Autodesk Maya 2015 Free Download

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