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CamStudio 2.7

With a new era of gaming and YouTubing, lots of screen recording and webcam recording applications have adorned the market in recent years. Meanwhile, it has become a complicated task for wishful users to opt from such a wide range of products that are available in the market. This is why it is crucial for users to carefully go through the specifics of each product and then chose the one that is best for their use or they can consider Camstudio as well which is suitable for basic users and pro users in the same way.

Camstudio works simply by taking a straightforward “point and shoot” approach to capture the screenshots instead of turning it into a complicated virtual art which is difficult for the basic users to understand while the results are as good as any pro might expect from an innovative application. CamStudio simply records the audio and visual activity of your computer screen and create video files in AVI format. It then turns these videos into bandwidth-friendly, SWF (streaming Flash videos).

CamStudio allows the users to use screen captions and video annotations in their recordings via anti-aliased images or by generating a self-movie through Webcam which can be said screen in screen recording on the desktop. CamStudio has with its own codec that is lossless and generates crystal clear results with comparatively smaller file size in relation to other popular codecs. Moreover, some other useful options of Camstudio include the feature of cursor controls which enables the users to record either the entire screen or just a portion as per the liking and requirement. Another main feature is the provision of selecting output quality. Users can also select the codecs to encode their screen capture shots and also to set the frame rate at which they need to capture. A built-in file to help the users is another plus point for Camstudio.

Ordinary screen captures in Camstudio are performed in the same way as they are in other screen capture applications. All the users have to do is to drag their mouse or trackers over the area that they want to capture. They can also set the area to capture by tapping on the screen coordinates. Users can also add text and more advanced motion captures. A useful feature of auto-tracking follows the mouse or tracker movement without requiring the users to do a single thing.

The very best feature of Camstudio comes handy if users do not like the sound of their voice. Camstudio provides users with total control over the video output. Users can opt for custom cursors with which they can record full or partial screen according to the requirement. Users can also increase or decrease the recording quality on the bases of users’ preferences. Users can record smaller videos that they can attach in emails or can go for full fledge best quality videos to burn onto CD/DVD.

Besides all these features, Camstudio is also very easy to use. The functions, features, and layout of the application can be learned and understood in few minutes particularly when a comprehensive help file is incorporated in the application to help the users at every stage and that also in just one click. Camstudio’s features make it most suitable for those who design tutorials or share their gaming experience. All in all, it’s easy to use, excellent and free screen capture features that are produced by merging the plus points of the best screen capturing and video editing packages in one highly impressive application.


  • Records the audio and visual of your screen to AVI files.
  • Converts AVI files into Flash videos.
  • Highlights and follows the path of a cursor.
  • Automatically pans.
  • A recording is done with the sound.
  • Adds text comments and captions to the recording.
  • Built-in help file.
  • Provides a choice between full screen or partial screen recording.
  • Best for making tutorials and gaming videos.
Title: CamStudio 2.7
Added OnAugust 8, 2019 12:41 am
Updated OnSeptember 16, 2019 12:03 am
Version: 2.7
Category: Operating Systems
License Type: Free
Operating System: Windows 7,8.1,10
File Name: camstudio.exe
File Size: 2.38 MB

CamStudio 2.7 Free Download 32/64bit

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