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Adobe InDesign CC 2018 Free Download

Adobe Indesign CC 2018 is awesome software launched on 12 March 2018. It is primarily used in publishing files or pages e.g. project pages of books, magazines or making promo files and advertisements. Like all the other Adobe software InDesign will do a lot of big updates every year and huge enhancements every year.

Now we have to go to see what the new advanced features of InDesign are. InDesign comes with the latest productivity and outstanding speedwork flow techniques. If you are a beginner at InDesign that it may cause little bit complications for you but if you are a fluent user you may love its new advanced upgraded features. Adobe InDesign now comes with advanced font tricks using TypeKit and Opentype Fonts as well as font grouping and foot painting. In InDesign, you will have more experience with overhauled color features i.e. Color Theme Tool, Color Modes etc.

In Adobe Indesign CC 2018 now you will set permanently defaults like fonts, colors. Now you will control paragraphs fully. You will have to do advance styling features i.e. Nested styles, advanced object styles. In Indesign, you can fit your content in predefined frames or your own created frames. Display Performance modes are more improved. Now you can analyze the document that you have published and shared on social networks etc. The basic Shortcuts that are in use in Photoshop and Illustrator are now also available in lates Edition of InDesign CC 2018.

Using Type Tool you will draw a text-box and you will adjust its size according to your own. in Indesign main issue that a lot of users face in previous versions that you have too many fonts. So how do you sort them? This problem is been solved now you can sort them by font type. In InDesign, you will easily create tables. In Adobe InDesign CC 2018 you will scale your image resolutions and also you have the option available to crop your image if u need it. Selection Tool instead of grabbing the entire picture it just used to grab the collection of contents in an image or shape.


  • Adobe InDesign CC 2018 comes with the outstanding user-friendly interface.
  • Adobe Indesign is an awesome digital publishing software application.
  • It is the best in printing and digital publicizing, with images and texts.
  • Now your artwork is going to become super amazing, faster and super fluent.
  • In InDesign now you will make amazing charts and graphs.
  • You will adjust your work according to your own choice.
  • In Indesign, you will scale your images as u want.
  • More document presets are now available in InDesign as compared to previous editions.
  • Using Line Tools you can add straight lines.
  • In Adobe InDesign CC 2018 you will change text case format.
  • The selection tool is used for grabbing the entire object within a shape.
  • Indesign comes with more stability and optimized software application.
  • Drop shadows and object effects are awesome tools you will have to use.
  • Paragraph borders and shading are loved by designers.
  • Gap tool is used to adjust the gaps between objects or footage.
  • Page tool is present in Adobe InDesign that is basically used for adjusting page size.
  • The latest edition of InDesign is more flexible and have the time-saving environment.
  • You can preview your pages with bleed, margins, and slug.
  • It composed of built-in For adding a straight line on pages you will use Line Tool.
  • InDesign is primarily designed for the professional designers.
  • Working with text and containers is been more easy and quick.
  • Now InDesign lets you preview orientation and properties of your document.
  • InDesign lets you analyze each document that you publish online.
Title: Adobe InDesign CC 2018 Free Download
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