Adobe InCopy CC 2019

Adobe InCopy is basically a professional sort of word processor introduced by Adobe Systems. The software provides a proficient platform for users to write, design and edits the documents with very handy features and tools such as, track changes, spell checks and word count that are the most required features for an editing task. InCopy has 3 basic modes for viewing including story mode, layout mode, and gallery mode. Story mode enables the reading and editing of text view that is screen-wide without the display of page formatting. Galley mode also displays text minus page formatting but it shows the same line breaks and line numbers that are also known in layout mode. Layout mode displays the actual page design layout with overset text and images. Adobe has introduced several versions of InCopy and since 2013 advanced versions of the product can be availed through Adobe Creative Cloud only.

InCopy: a collaborative and efficient working platform: When InCopy collaborates with InDesign then writers and designers can work with the great partnership on the same project by writers and designers simultaneously working on content writing/ editing and layout designing respectively. The management tools on InCopy cc 2019 enable the writers, editors, and designers to control that which part of the project will be assigned to each team. As both the apps have the same engine of composition, therefore a perfect consistency is guaranteed by the software developers particularly while sending a text from InCopy to InDesign and vice versa, while maintaining advanced and identical parameters such as format, typography, line jumps, etc. This kind of productivity and innovation in the features of applications improves the flow and speed of work by enhancing the agility in working which makes it very easier to meet the deadlines efficiently.

Adobe InCopy cc 2019 is an equally proficient platform for separate working as a word processor as it is a collaboration with InDesign. The variety of features adds efficiency and convenience to the workflow. Features like filter tools and advanced font searches enable the users to use the exact font that they want to use for their documents. The Sync Fonts tool allows the writers and editors to import new fonts from Typekit library of Adobe. Images and charts can be easily placed in tables, colors can be well managed by using color swatch folders, and paragraph borders of various styles can be easily added and so on. All these tools and facilities are there for the users and moreover, they can expand these functions and more by availing extensions, plug-ins, and templates by searching on Adobe Exchange.

The highly advanced but user-friendly interface makes the whole editing experience comfortable, arranging for the most important functions to be gathered inside context menus and quick access toolbars. The function commands are not only rich but very well organized in a way that they don’t look overcrowded in a space, making an overall imprint of a professional and clean editor. The other enhancing features such as Copyfitting feature providing a visual view about the space that is left for the project, wide-ranging options for tracking concerning the depth of story along with with other complimenting tools of line, word, and character count make In Copy 2019 a most suitable platform for editors.

One of the most important advantages of Adobe InCopy cc 2019 is that the application is a part of Creative Cloud which enables you to make the backups of files and allow easy access to them from anywhere through the membership you have for Adobe creative cloud. Another benefit of this kind of integration is the feature of Sync Fonts that provides access to numerous sources of desired fonts. Adobe InCopy cc 2019 is best for producing digital magazines and interactive ePUBs and PDFs due to its user-friendly environment to work flexibly and its efficient collaboration with InDesign so writers, editors and graphic designers can work together simultaneously but without any chance of overlapping the content. Adobe InCopy basically was introduced to bring high-level improvement in the process of editing through a design that preserves not only the fundamentals of a good word processor but also publishes documents in the most effective way. InCopy cc 2019 is laced with more enhanced and easier to use features, layout, and tools.

All in all, InCopy cc 2019 with its enhanced features and familiar interface is an application which works as a word processor but moreover and most importantly it’s efficiently choreographed collaboration with InDesign enhance the partnership between editors and designers so they can work more efficiently towards quality of work instead of wasting time and effort on mechanism of mixing and editing the content and designs which is a crucial part of publishing process. In Copy cc 2019 is a proficient writer, editor, designer and publisher and all that at the same time.


  • Super applications for text content generation.
  • Organize the text sections and collaborate documents.
  • Powerful tools to design the documents.
  • Reliable enough to handle rich content.
  • Convenient environment to design interactive ePUB and PDF files.
  • Enhanced processes for editing to generate digital publishing content.
  • Rich features to import and export while easily publishing the document.
  • Modern but user-friendly interface with the extensive support of a variety of fonts.
  • Feature to arrange commands and menus in a rich environment.
  • More flexible and accurate editor.
  • Extensive features to track changes.
  • Enhanced support for word and character counts.
  • Synchronization of fonts and various other handy features.
  • Projects can be integrated with Adobe InDesign so projects can be completed with the collaboration of other users.
  • Other standard tools of an efficient word processor such as bulleted lists, formatting tools, word count, track changes and spelling and grammar check, etc.
  • Plugins, more templates, and extensions can be found out with Adobe Exchange.
  • Font search and filter tool to browse and find suitable fonts.
  • Color swatch folders for color management.
  • Projects can be viewed in three modes that are story, layout and gallery modes.
Title: Adobe InCopy CC 2019
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Version: CC 2019
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